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Start strong with the right variety for your field, and use a high-performance seed treatment to protect your seed.

Take action to protect late-planted soybeans

A delayed start to the season has the potential to cause added challenges for soybean growers. In many years, late planting can also mean wet planting, which causes obstacles for plant development and root growth. It's a combination...Read More

Plant your bets: Are double crop soybeans worth the gamble?

Have you considered planting soybeans after wheat to take advantage of higher commodity prices? If your wheat is expected to harvest ahead of schedule, consider this: when soybean commodity prices reach higher prices per...Read More

Limit weed and insect pressure through our effective herbicide and insecticide offerings to ensure that your plants continue to grow strong.

Protect against yield-robbing insects and diseases late in the season with our fungicides and insecticides to help your crop yield strong.