A delayed start to the season has the potential to cause added challenges for soybean growers. In many years, late planting can also mean wet planting, which causes obstacles for plant development and root growth.  It’s a combination that can really limit yield potential, especially if the growing season turns dry.

“Root growth is critical in any growing season, but it becomes more challenging under the conditions typical of late soybean planting,” says Palle Pedersen, head of Seedcare product marketing at Syngenta.  “For growers facing these conditions, it is important to be aware of the potential threats. These include sidewall compaction, which can limit root mass and have effects on nutrient and water uptake throughout the season.”

Another threat comes when soils are water logged to the point of impeding the flow of oxygen needed for seed germination.  This condition can prevent germination altogether, but more typically results in delayed germination and delayed plant development, along with greater susceptibility to seed rot and root damage from diseases and insects.

A third threat comes from the natural growth pattern of roots in response to the level of early season soil moisture. Drier conditions force plants to develop deep root systems in order to access water deeper in the soil profile. Wet soils, by contrast, promote small, shallow roots. As a result, soybeans planted under wet conditions generally lack the mass and depth of rooting needed to reach moisture as soils dry out during the hot summer months.

Syngenta solution

With CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products, even late-planted soybeans can start strong. CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans protects soybeans against a broad spectrum of harmful seed and foliar-feeding insects and all major seed- and soil-borne fungal disease pathogens. With the RootingPower of sedaxane, the active ingredient in Vibrance, CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans can improve plant stands, vigor and growth, helping set the stage for higher yields.

In addition to stunted root development, late-planted soybeans are also exposed to fungal pathogens at earlier growth stages and for longer periods of time, but a fungicide can protect yields. Trivapro® fungicide offers longer-lasting and harder-working broad-spectrum control of foliar diseases. With three active ingredients, including Solatenol® fungicide, Trivapro protects soybeans with both preventive and curative modes of action.

Because late-planted soybeans often encounter wetter conditions, their roots may lack adequate mass and root depth to efficiently transport water during dry, hot summers. Trivapro can help promote larger and stronger root systems that are better able to translocate water and nutrients. These physiological effects help soybeans combat yield-robbing stressors like high heat and low soil moisture.

“Trivapro slows the plant’s rate of transpiration, increasing the plant’s ability to use water more efficiently and effectively during periods of moisture stress,” says Eric Tedford, technical product lead at Syngenta. “Trivapro also improves plant growth by enabling plants to stay greener for longer and therefore better utilize the sun’s energy by prolonging the period of photosynthesis. This encourages larger bean production, fuller pod development, better pod retention and higher yields at harvest.”

Trivapro delivers longer-lasting disease control and crop enhancement benefits to help soybeans yield strong despite stressors that may affect late-planted soybeans.

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