Lesion nematodes can severely suppress root growth and cause overall stunting of the soybean plant resulting in yield losses. However, symptoms of lesion nematodes oftentimes go unobserved, resulting in crop loss. According to researchers at Virginia Tech, feeding causes dark lesions and browning on soybeans, and yield loss may result because of nutrient and soil moisture stress.

Above-ground, the symptoms of lesion nematodes resemble many other nematodes and diseases, and include round patches of stunted and yellow leaves. Lesion nematodes can be diagnosed through root and soil samples, according to the Alabama Cooperative Extension.

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Providing excellent protection against a wide variety of damaging nematode species, including the lesion nematode, Avicta® Complete Beans 500 seed treatment nematicide/insecticide/fungicide with Vibrance® fungicide seed treatment provides you with unmatched protection against a broad range of damaging early-season nematodes, insects and diseases. This triple-protection seed treatment is immediate and effective, ensuring soybean seedlings are protected from day one so they can start strong. Avicta Complete Beans 500 with Vibrance offers proven, comprehensive protection, helping to increase the health of the plant and yield.
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