Most commonly found in warm, moist, sandy soils of the southern United States, the root knot nematode is considered one of the most economically damaging plant-parasitic nematodes. In addition, root knot nematode can move freely in the soil and can also be moved by machinery, surface water or irrigation.

While root knot nematodes are nearly microscopic and invisible to the naked eye, their damage can be found in areas of the field with depressed growth. Exposure to moisture or heat stress can increase damage levels and stunt soybeans. However, the plants may not die until later in the growing season when they are fully grown and most susceptible to moisture stress.

Infected soybean roots usually exhibit visible galls, but be careful not to confuse them with Rhizobium nodules. Galls are an integral part of the root; nodules are not. Additionally, Rhizobium nodules contain a milk pink-to-brown liquid inside them, while root knot nematodes contain firmer tissues and tiny creamy white beads, according to Clemson Cooperative Extension.

Syngenta solutions

To help protect against root knot nematode, ensure only clean materials are introduced into a planting site. In addition, Syngenta offers NK® Soybeans, which have proven excellent tolerance against root knot nematodes and other pests and diseases. Developed from one of the most advanced germplasm pools in the industry, NK Soybeans provide superior, built-in insect and disease protection to help your crop start strong and consistently deliver excellent yield.

Avicta® Complete Beans 500 seed treatment nematicide/insecticide/fungicide with Vibrance® fungicide seed treatment provides soybeans with unmatched protection against a broad range of nematodes, like the root knot nematode, as well as insects and diseases that occur during the critical early growth stages. Through the RootingPower capabilities of sedaxane, the active ingredient in Vibrance, soybean plants develop healthier, more robust root systems that lead to consistently higher yields.

Resistant NK Soybeans, treated with Avicta Complete Beans 500 with Vibrance ensure soybean seedlings are protected from day one and offer proven, comprehensive protection to start strong and help increase the health of the plant.

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