Have you considered planting soybeans after wheat to take advantage of higher commodity prices? If your wheat is expected to harvest ahead of schedule, consider this: When soybean commodity prices reach higher prices per bushel, it may be a good opportunity to expand to double-crop soybeans. Harvesting wheat early presents an opportunity to double-crop soybeans with extra time to grow, which will lessen concerns about soybean crops reaching maturity ahead of frost.

According to an extensive year-by-year planting-date study conducted by the University of Wisconsin Extension, which set out to determine the best dates to plant double-crop soybeans, the average yield of soybeans planted on July 5 was 20 bushels each year, with a range of nine to 33 bu/A.

The study suggests growers should plant a mid-maturity, mid-to-full season locally adapted soybean to maximize yield potential instead of an early maturity group bean.

Based on the USDA’s Prospective Plantings report and commodity prices, double-cropping with soybeans may be beneficial. Factors influencing the practice from year-to-year include timing of wheat maturity and harvest, and the availability of soil moisture to germinate and establish a second crop.


Here are several tips for double-crop soybeans:
  • Medium to full season varieties yield best
  • Narrow rows are a must for optimal yields in double-crop situations
  • Seeding rate should be increased to four seeds/foot row in 7-inch row spacing

Syngenta solution

For farmers who choose to double-crop soybeans, maximizing yield is the No. 1 priority, and NK® Soybeans offer elite soybean genetics combined with innovative technologies and industry-leading traits to help soybean farmers break through yield barriers.

Syngenta accesses germplasm from around the world. The result is a lineup of NK Soybean varieties that are tailored to meet the specific conditions of local growing environments. With many growing options available, farmers seeking to double-crop soybeans will certainly find the right fit for their fields as there are several varieties recommended for double cropping.

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