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Start strong with the right variety for your field, and use a high-performance seed treatment to protect your seed.

Limit weed and insect pressure through our effective herbicide and insecticide offerings to ensure that your plants continue to grow strong.

Protect against yield-robbing insects and diseases late in the season with our fungicides and insecticides to help your crop yield strong.

Don’t let twospotted spider mites wreak havoc in your soybeans this summer

Hot and dry weather conditions can create challenges for soybean growers. One challenge is the twospotted spider mite, which thrives in hot, dry environments. Twospotted spider mites while small, can wreak havoc...Read More

Soybean aphid – little insect, big threat

Of the pests that rob yields in soybean fields each year, soybean aphids pose one of the greatest potential threats. In what is now a consistent problem for many soybean growers in...Read More

The bean leaf beetle: Its destructive habit and how to stop it

Be alert in the spring as temperatures begin to rise and bean leaf beetle populations migrate toward soybean fields. After overwintering in leaf...Read More

An innovative solution to controlling profit-robbing insects

For soybean growers faced with challenges from yield-robbing insect pests, an affordable and effective insecticide is top priority. Soybean pests, such as soybean aphids, bean leaf...Read More

Syngenta solutions for a season of stinkbugs

Insect pressure in soybean fields varies from year-to-year based on a variety of environmental factors. However, whether it is a mild or heavy season, any insect infestation puts...Read More

Soybean looper: Damage sweeping through the southern states

As warmer temperatures approach, growers begin to anticipate the year's potential insect pressures. In the South, this includes the soybean looper, which is likely to find its way to...Read More

The kudzu bug is coming back for seconds

As kudzu bugs continue to spread across the South, the threat they pose to soybean yields is becoming apparent to growers. Although these pests feed on the pesky vine for which they are named, their diet also includes legumes, especially...Read More

Japanese beetles can chew away yields

Japanese beetles eat soybean leaves across the Soybean Belt and leave behind nothing but lace-like remains. It is widespread in the United States after arriving from Japan in 1916. This pest is known for feeding on the leaf tissue...Read More

Southern heat: An invitation for yield-robbing insects

The warm weather that accompanies the summer months provides an open invitation for insect pests, bringing challenges to soybean fields. Corn earworm is just one of the challenges...Read More

Fall armyworm: A stealthy pest for all seasons

The unrelenting armyworm can overtake a field during the night and consume considerable foliage by morning. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System indicates that more than 60 different...Read More