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To grow more sugar, start strong by selecting top-performing varieties and seed treatments to establish a healthy stand and protect your sugarbeets from the start.

Should you replant your sugarbeets?

Choosing to replant your sugarbeets can be a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider, including plant population, health of the plants and gap consistency...Read More

Achieving strong yields by planting sugarbeets later than anticipated

Challenging weather or poor field conditions can force growers to plant later than the ideal window in some years, possibly shortening the growing season and limiting sugarbeet yield...Read More

Preparing sugarbeet fields for a successful season

Properly preparing seedbeds can be the difference between strong and weak stands, which ultimately impacts sugar yield. Uncontrolled weeds can reduce sugarbeet yield by over 90 percent...Read More

Limit disease, insect and weed pressure through our effective fungicide, herbicide and insecticide offerings to ensure that your plants continue to grow strong.

Yield strong by protecting roots from late-season diseases, insects and other challenges to maintain sugarbeet health, tonnage and sugar quality.