Golden Harvest Corn seed

Scientifically tailored to plant here.

Your hard work drives our hard science. And when your Syngenta Seed Advisor matches top-performing hybrids from Golden Harvest® to your fields, the rewards will come at harvest.

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Breakout genetics

Through the Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System, Syngenta scientists have converted the potential of a unique global germplasm pool into a portfolio of superior hybrids that can meet the needs of any field.

Breakthrough traits and technologies

Syngenta has dramatically increased the speed at which all-new traits are integrated into the product portfolio – combating issues ranging from pest control to water optimization.

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Josh Davison
Clinton County, Indiana

Aaron Miller

We’ve grown Golden Harvest® Corn, tested it against other companies and I feel it’s a much better value. Yield is as good, if not better. Cost is lower for us. I like the people that I buy seed from. I like the people that we have working in our area, so that’s a big factor too.”

Dan Gegner
Syngenta Seed Advisor™ and
Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Kip Roberson

“Golden Harvest® hybrid G01P52-3011A brand has had great standability – it’s done really well this year and in previous years. The yield has been excellent. Overall, it’s a real good hybrid.”

Brian Bauck
Leoti, Kansas

Aaron Miller

“We’ve been 100 percent Golden Harvest® Corn for five years because of the traits, yield, service, product quality and most of all, profitability.”


A step-by-step look at the hybrid corn seed production process at Syngenta.

Increase standability, adaptability and yield with breakout genetics and breakthrough traits.

Achieving some of the best traits, genetics and yield potential with our Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System™.

Using breakout genetics and breakthrough traits and technologies to help farmers grow more.

Golden Harvest: The Hybrid Corn Seed Production Process

Golden Harvest: The Hybrid Corn Seed Production Process

Benefit of Golden Harvest

The Benefit of Golden Harvest Genetics

Say Y.E.S. to Higher Yields

Say Y.E.S. to Higher Yields

Syngenta Crop Talk

Syngenta Crop Talk – Producing higher yields to meet an increased need for corn


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How the naming system works
  • A "G" indicates Golden Harvest.
  • B Last two digits of relative maturity number.
  • C Randomly designated letter and two-digit number.
  • D Separates the genetic and trait portions.
  • E From Agrisure traits naming system.
  • First number represents Herbicide Tolerance Technology Series
  • Second number represents number of modes of action against broad lepidopteran pests
  • Third number represents number of modes of action against corn borer
  • Fourth number represents number of modes of action against corn rootworm
  • "A" denotes Agrisure Artesian technology


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