Golden Harvest Corn seed

Scientifically tailored to plant here.

Your hard work drives our hard science. And when your Syngenta Seed Advisor matches top-performing hybrids from Golden Harvest® to your fields, the rewards will come at harvest.

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Breakout genetics

Through the Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System, Syngenta scientists have converted the potential of a unique global germplasm pool into a portfolio of superior hybrids that can meet the needs of any field.

Breakthrough traits and technologies

Syngenta has dramatically increased the speed at which all-new traits are integrated into the product portfolio – combating issues ranging from pest control to water optimization.

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Josh Davison
Clinton County, Indiana

Aaron Miller

We’ve grown Golden Harvest® Corn, tested it against other companies and I feel it’s a much better value. Yield is as good, if not better. Cost is lower for us. I like the people that I buy seed from. I like the people that we have working in our area, so that’s a big factor too.”

Dan Gegner
Syngenta Seed Advisor™ and
Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Kip Roberson

“Golden Harvest® hybrid G01P52-3011A brand has had great standability – it’s done really well this year and in previous years. The yield has been excellent. Overall, it’s a real good hybrid.”

Brian Bauck
Leoti, Kansas

Aaron Miller

“We’ve been 100 percent Golden Harvest® Corn for five years because of the traits, yield, service, product quality and most of all, profitability.”


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Tools and resources

How the naming system works
  • A "G" indicates Golden Harvest.
  • B Last two digits of relative maturity number.
  • C Randomly designated letter and two-digit number.
  • D Separates the genetic and trait portions.
  • E From Agrisure traits naming system.
  • First number represents Herbicide Tolerance Technology Series
  • Second number represents number of modes of action against broad lepidopteran pests
  • Third number represents number of modes of action against corn borer
  • Fourth number represents number of modes of action against corn rootworm
  • "A" denotes Agrisure Artesian technology


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