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Advancements in technology have revolutionized farming. We are invested in providing you with the best products and technologies to help you grow more soybeans.

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NK® Soybeans: Offers top-performing soybean varieties

Seed Treatments

Avicta® Complete Beans 500 with Vibrance®: Provides triple pest protection in early growth stages

Clariva® Complete Beans: Offers early-season pest protection plus season-long activity against SCN

CruiserMaxx® Beans with Vibrance®: Delivers best-in-class insect and disease protection

Mertect® 340-F: Protects against sudden death syndrome and other diseases


Boundary® 6.5 EC: Provides excellent resistance management and weed control

BroadAxe® XC: Controls a full range of broadleaf and grass weeds

Flexstar® GT 3.5: Manages weeds resistant to glyphosate and ALS-inhibitors

Prefix®: Offers early-season weed control for cleaner fields


Agri-Mek® SC: Sets the industry standard for mite control

Besiege®: Provides dual-action protection against lepidopteran pests

Endigo® ZC: Controls pests with three industry-leading technologies


Quadris Top® SBX: Offers powerful disease control, even of resistant frogeye leaf spot

Trivapro®: Contains three active ingredients for long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease control

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Market Commentary

Early Grain Outlook, 8-29-16
Additional weakness is a reasonable expectation, but not all reasonable things actually happen in this business.

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Scott City, MO

Value Basis
Corn3.15 0.03
New-Crop Corn3.09 -0.12
Soybeans9.99 0.35
New-Crop Soybeans9.8 0.16
Wheat (SRW)3.58 -0.13
Corn3.07 -0.05
Soybeans9.84 0.01
New-Crop Soybeans9.74 0.1

Soybean and Syngenta Resources

Trivapro® Fungicide

Take disease control and crop enhancement into overtime.

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Seed Guide
2017 Syngenta Seed Guides 

Find varieties for your local growing area.

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Tools to Grow More Soybeans
Tools to Grow More Soybeans

Learn about the best management practices, pests that threaten yield and products that can help you grow more soybeans.

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Vibrance Learning Module
Vibrance® Learning Module

Complete the module to learn about the impact of soilborne pathogens on root health and crop productivity in corn, soybeans and wheat.

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Syngenta Thrive Magazine
Syngenta Thrive Magazine

Get the news and information you need to succeed.

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Know More, Grow More
NK Soybeans

Learn how NK Soybeans push the limits of yield through best-in-class genetics and traits.

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Soybean Portfolio Guide
Soybean Portfolio Guide

See how our portfolio of seed, seed treatments and crop protection products can help you grow more soybeans.

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Quadris Top SBX<sup>®</sup>
Quadris Top SBX® Fungicide vs. Generic Azoxystrobin

The proof is in the field. Two modes of action outperform generic azoxystrobin.

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Crop Protection

Keep up with the latest crop protection products, news and resources so you can grow more soybeans.

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Our blog provides the latest agronomy news and production advice to help you maximize your fields’ potential. Keep up with local soybeans insights straight from the field.

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