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NK® Soybeans: Offers top-performing soybean varieties

Seed Treatments

Avicta® Complete Beans 500 with Vibrance®: Provides triple pest protection in early growth stages

Clariva® Complete Beans: Offers early-season pest protection plus season-long activity against SCN

CruiserMaxx® Beans with Vibrance®: Delivers best-in-class insect and disease protection

Mertect® 340-F: Protects against sudden death syndrome and other diseases


Boundary® 6.5 EC: Provides excellent resistance management and weed control

BroadAxe® XC: Controls a full range of broadleaf and grass weeds

Flexstar® GT 3.5: Manages weeds resistant to glyphosate and ALS-inhibitors

Prefix®: Offers early-season weed control for cleaner fields


Besiege®: Provides dual-action protection against lepidopteran pests

Endigo® ZC: Controls pests with three industry-leading technologies


Quadris Top® SB: Offers powerful disease control, even of resistant frogeye leaf spot

Quilt Xcel®: Delivers disease control and plant stress management

Trivapro: Contains three active ingredients for long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease control


Current market information

Market Commentary

Early Grain Outlook, 5-27-16
Fundamental and technical conditions both warn of downside risks. Yet, price action is resilient.

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Scott City, MO

Value Basis
Corn4.09 -0.04
New-Crop Corn4.02 -0.12
Soybeans10.77 -0.1
New-Crop Soybeans10.59 0.03
New-Crop Wheat (SRW)4.84 0.02
Corn4.13 0
Soybeans10.57 -0.3
New-Crop Soybeans10.56 0
New-Crop Wheat (SRW)4.82 0.01

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Seed Guide
2016 Syngenta Seed Guide 

Find varieties and hybrids for your local growing area.

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Tools to Grow More Soybeans
Tools to Grow More Soybeans

Learn about the best management practices, pests that threaten yield and products that can help you grow more soybeans.

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BroadAxe XC
BroadAxe XC

See how you can tackle tough weeds with BroadAxe XC.  

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Syngenta Thrive Magazine
Syngenta Thrive Magazine

Get the news and information you need to succeed.

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Know More, Grow More
NK Soybeans

Learn how NK Soybeans push the limits of yield through best-in-class genetics and traits.

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Soybean Portfolio Guide
Soybean Portfolio Guide

See how our portfolio of seed, seed treatments and crop protection products can help you grow more soybeans.

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Yield Results
Yield Results

Find out how NK Soybeans performed in your region this season.

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NK Soybeans: The yields you want, the genetics you need

A strong herbicide portfolio promotes weed-free fields

Soybeans start strong with SCN management

NK Soybeans

Growers share why they plant NK Soybeans

Soy Herbicide Portfolio

Learn how our portfolio of soybean herbicides can help you grow strong

Clariva Complete Beans

See how Clariva Complete Beans protects against soybean cyst nematode



Crop protection

Keep up with the latest crop protection products, news and resources so you can grow more soybeans.

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