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Syngenta provides innovative tools that help our customers increase productivity in a sustainable way while improving farm profitability. We combine the broadest offerings in vegetable crop protection, seed care, seeds and traits into advanced solutions.

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Grow more vegetables grant
Grow more vegetables grant

Syngenta is proud to offer the Grow More Vegetables Seed Grant for schools and community organizations interested in establishing or enhancing garden programs.

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Attribute insect protection
Attribute® insect protection

Get broad-spectrum insect control and flexible weed management for maximum genetic potential.

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Full Count plant program
Full Count® plant program

Ensure you receive the “full count” of your plant order from our leading transplant producers.

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Syngenta Thrive
Syngenta Thrive Magazine

Get the news and information you need to succeed.

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Produce eye-appealing, glossy zucchini with uniform shape, ideal for eastern U.S. growers.

Payload Zucchini

Payload Zucchini



FarMore® Technology

Try the first comprehensive combination of seed protection products, application technologies and seed treatment services that maximizes vegetable production value.

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Iceberg supplies extremely tight
Green & Red Leaf: Supplies are below average on Green and Red leaf this week. Green and red leaf are both weighing 22-24 lbs. per case and are 9-10" long. We are seeing improvement in quality. Iceberg Lettuce: Supplies for the next two weeks will be extremely tight. Yuma has had a very slow start. Please be aware that we will see challenges with the size and weight for the first couple of lots in Yuma. Romaine: Supplies are expected to be below average this week. We are expected to be on the lighter side the next few weeks. We are seeing shortages in product and price increases. Romaine Hearts: Supplies are expected to be very below average. Please note as a result of harvesting two weeks ahead of schedule during the end of the Salinas season, there will be gaps and shortages in supplies. Expect high prices and shortage in supply....Learn more »
Northern CO sugar beet farmers racing the weather to finish the 2015 harvest
Sugar beet growers across northern Colorado are racing to complete their harvest before winter sets in. The official start of winter is Dec. 21, 2015, but to beet farmers, it is not so much the date that is important as it is the temperature. Read more on the rush to finish harvest from this Fence Post article....Learn more »
Thanksgiving meal cost up slightly from 2014
For the fourth year in a row, costs for a traditional Thanksgiving meal for 10 people have increased on items such as pumpkin pie mix, pie shells, rolls and turkey, according to a supermarket survey of Baton Rouge retailers conducted by LSU AgCenter area nutrition agent Quincy Cheek. The survey was conducted Nov. 9-13. Read more on the findings from this Delta Farm Press article....Learn more »