Bravo Weather Stik Fungicide

Product Overview

When wet weather and diseases are at their worst, Bravo Weather Stik® fungicide is at its best. The unique SuperWeatherStik® formulation lets Bravo Weather Stik stick and stay on potatoes, tomatoes and peanuts for protection where generics fall short, making it a world-leading contact fungicide. With benefits like broad-spectrum activity, residual control, convenient liquid formulation and tank mix flexibility plus 40 years of proven performance, Bravo Weather Stik is an easy choice.

Product Highlights

  • Superior rainfastness with patented SuperWeatherStik formulation
  • Long-lasting residual control
  • Preventive against disease in adverse weather conditions, where generics fall short 
  • No documented fungal resistance due to the multi-site mode of action
  • Provides broad-spectrum disease control
  • Highly effective against all four major classes of fungi
  • Sticks and stays no matter the weather conditions
  • Easy-to-use liquid formulation
  • Flexibility in tank mixes
  • Excellent rotation partner as part of a complete disease control program

Download Supporting Bravo Weather Stik Documents

201687201666235618_Bravo-Weather-Stik-th.jpg PDF
Bravo Weather Stik Vegetables QRG(PDF)
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Peanut Rx Bulletin(PDF)
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