Discover NG - Herbicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

Discover® NG herbicide delivers excellent control of foxtails and wild oat, outstanding crop safety for a healthy and high-yielding crop, and the widest range of tank-mix options for one-pass weed control in durum wheat, spring wheat and winter wheat. Discover NG stops grass weeds from robbing valuable nutrients and moisture from the crop and can be tank mixed with broadleaf herbicides to prevent broadleaf weeds from doing the same—all without injuring the crop.

Product Highlights

  • Proven superior crop safety and grass control, including excellent foxtail and wild oat performance, in all wheat to prevent yield loss from grass competition
  • Tank-mix flexibility to tailor weed control solutions to specific weed spectrum of fields
  • Wide application window allows growers to time herbicide applications to meet the needs of their operation
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