Foxfire - Herbicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

Foxfire® herbicide helps manage the complexity of weed control by delivering enhanced control of foxtails and other grass weeds in spring wheat (excluding durum) and winter wheat. Specifically designed for the Northern Plains foxtail market, Foxfire can be tank mixed with broadleaf herbicides to meet the weed control needs of each field and maximize yield and profit potential. In addition, Foxfire can be tank mixed with fungicides and insecticides to reduce trips across the field.

Product Highlights

  • Broad-spectrum control of annual grass weeds including foxtails, wild and volunteer oats, and barnyardgrass
  • Tank-mix flexibility to build weed control solutions to meet field needs and to achieve one-pass weed control without injuring the crop
  • Early application gives flexibility to maximize crop yields by reducing weed competition
  • Flexibility to tank mix with insecticides and fungicides
  • Specially designed to control foxtails in Northern Plains wheat fields

Download Supporting Foxfire Documents

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Foxfire Data Sheet(PDF)
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