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Product Overview

Pulsar® herbicide eliminates many of your most destructive broadleaf weeds through a specially designed formulation that provides the crop safety and flexibility you deserve. This premix combines the industry-leading choice for kochia control (fluroxypyr) with a wide spectrum broadleaf weed (dicamba) product for effective, systemic weed control. By combining these two active ingredients, Pulsar gives you a reliable alternative to ALS-inhibitor chemistry.

Product Highlights

  • Two Group 4 active ingredients to battle ALS-resistant kochia
  • Flexible tank-mix options for efficient, one-pass weed, disease and/or insect control tailored to the needs of each field
  • Non-residual herbicide for flexible crop rotation options the following growing season
  • Excellent crop safety minimizes concerns of crop stress when moving between wheat and barley

Download Supporting Pulsar Documents

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Pulsar Cereals Brochure(PDF)
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Pulsar National Brochure(PDF)
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