Touchdown Total Herbicide

Product Overview

Touchdown Total® from Syngenta is a glyphosate herbicide with a formulation that delivers unsurpassed weed control and excellent crop safety over the top of glyphosate-tolerant (GT) corn, soybeans, cotton, sugarbeets and many other crops. The highly concentrated formulation also makes handling, storage and application convenient and efficient. Touchdown Total is registered on 230 crops and delivers non-selective control of more than 170 weed species.

Product Highlights

  • Assurances, such as respray and rainfastness regardless of seed or seed company selection
  • Proven crop safety over the top of glyphosate-tolerant crops
  • Highly concentrated formulation containing 4.17 lb of glyphosate acid equivalent per gallon
  • Demonstrated effectiveness with more than 20 tank-mix partners


"Prefix has worked really well. We’re happy with it and plan to continue using it because it seems to hold the weeds back quite a bit. We did a trial, and we had done a typical burndown a month before. We applied Prefix on half of it right after we planted, and I think within a couple of weeks, weeds were coming up on the non-treated side. The Prefix-treated side held out for well over a month longer than the non-treated side.

"Prefix helps suppress the weeds for quite a bit longer, then all you have to do is make one pass afterwards with some Touchdown to suppress any pigweed or marestail that has come through."

- Mac Brothers, Lyons, Kan.

Download supporting Touchdown Total documents

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RF Weed Mgmt Recs - W. Texas(PDF)
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