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Product Overview

Force® CS is a soil-applied corn insecticide that offers high-level control of corn rootworm and other early-season insects with the convenience of a liquid. It can be applied over the top of CRW-traited acres, on refuge acres, or on full-field conventional acres. Force CS is applied through the John Deere Central Insecticide System™ or the Raven application system. Available from authorized equipment dealers, these closed-package systems reduce product handling and exposure. 

Product Highlights

  • Top-rated control of corn rootworm and other early-season pests
  • Delivers high performance insect control even in heavy pressure areas
  • Proven performance for enhanced yield when applied over CRW-traited acres
  • Unsurpassed flexibility with no adverse herbicide interactions
  • 23-pound boxes are easier to lift and load compared to 50-pound bags of granular insecticides
  • Saves time – load the insecticide cabinets in less than 15 minutes
  • Packaging design limits exposure to product
  • Can be applied at an economical low use rate
  • Treats more acres with less product
  • Application systems offer simple, closed-system calibration
  • Great partner for refuge acre management



Matt BaileyA few years ago, we decided to move to a Force CS planter. Granular was no longer an option for us. I really thought Force was the best stuff on the market, so we invested in the system. I like the idea that you can throw a couple boxes in the planter and go. I definitely think that we save a lot of time at planting. You can fill the planter up with Force, and you’re set to run for the day. The liquid form is much easier than the granular. 

Matt Bailey, Syngenta Seed Advisor, Schuyler, Nebraska 


Joe SchaeferForce CS seems to do a really good job with corn rootworm. The biggest thing is standability. We don’t have any root issues with it. It seems to work really well. The biggest preaching point with Force is that traits require those bugs to bite the roots to die, while Force protects the roots. 

Joe Schaefer, Sales Agronomist, Parker, South Dakota 

Download Supporting Force CS Documents

20154802015102154534_Force-CS-Maximize.jpg PDF
Force CS: Maximize Application Efficiency(PDF)
20152722015102154655_Force-CS-Fertilizer.jpg PDF
Force CS: Fertilizer Compatibility(PDF)
20156802015102154713_Force-CS-Weather.jpg PDF
Force CS: Safety/Cold Weather(PDF)
20156362015102152013_Force-CS-vs-Capture-LFR.jpg PDF
Capture LFR vs. Force CS(PDF)
20155402015102152152_Force-Insecticide.jpg PDF
Force on Pyramided Traits(PDF)
20151852015102152238_In-Field-Performance.jpg PDF
Photos: In-field Performance(PDF)
20159382015102153041_Corn-RW-Vol-Corn.jpg PDF
Corn Rootworm & Volunteer Corn(PDF)


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