Fulfill Insecticide

Product Overview

Fulfill® insecticide quickly stops aphids from feeding after they ingest the active ingredient. And when aphids stop feeding, they no longer transmit viruses. The active ingredient in Fulfill exhibits excellent translaminar and locally systemic activity, so it quickly enters leaf tissues and creates a reservoir of material that continues to be active against aphids for up to two weeks. For reliable, long-lasting aphid control in vegetables, potatoes, cotton and tobacco, use Fulfill.


Product Highlights

  • Unique mode of action
  • Stops aphids from feeding within a few hours after application
  • Excellent aphid control with up to two weeks residual
  • IPM compatible – minimal impact on beneficial insects
  • Effective against all life stages of aphids

Download Supporting Fulfill Documents

201662220167517353_Zebra-chip-mgmt.jpg PDF
Zebra Chip Management--Pacific Northwest(PDF)
201662220167517353_Zebra-chip-mgmt.jpg PDF
Fulfill Vegetable and Potato Crop Sheet(PDF)
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