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Agrisure Trait Stacks – What’s in a Name?

As you consult with your customers, a refresh on the ins and outs of the Agrisure® traits nomenclature may help with those conversations. The Agrisure traits naming system was created for consistency, and to help you quickly recall and identify which Agrisure trait stacks would be the most beneficial to your customers.

Nomenclature, decoded

Agrisure naming conventions are methodical and designed for quick interpretation – the nomenclature of each trait stack provides a quick overview about technology and pest control. A number series beginning with a 3 denotes herbicide tolerance and a series beginning with a 5 has next-generation, Agrisure Duracade® corn rootworm control technology. The three numbers following the first number denote modes of action for BL (broad spectrum lepidopteran pests, such as corn earworm and cutworm), CB (corn borer) and CRW (corn rootworm), respectively. The letter “A” follows the numbers if the trait stack is available as a water-optimizing Agrisure Artesian® hybrid, and the term “E-Z Refuge®” is included if the trait stack is an integrated refuge product.

For example, Agrisure Viptera® 3220A E-Z Refuge is herbicide tolerant, has two modes of action for BL, two modes of action for CB and is not intended for geographies where CRW is a concern. This example is an Artesian™ hybrid and it is available as an integrated refuge product.

Putting it into action

Knowledge of the Agrisure traits nomenclature is a valuable tool when addressing customer and grower questions and concerns. With this knowledge, you will be able to quickly recall the appropriate Agrisure trait stack as a solution for pest pressure and other challenges. Familiarizing yourself with the Agrisure traits naming system makes it easy and quick to recommend the best Agrisure traited hybrid in your portfolio for a variety of fields and environments.

Refer to the example below or visit the GreenLeaf Support Tools website for more information on Agrisure trait stacks. Contact your GreenLeaf representative with questions.

Also, please note that the naming convention does not apply to Agrisure 3000GT.

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