Prime+ EC - Plant Growth Regulator | Syngenta

Product Overview

Prime+® systemic plant growth regulator is the longest-lasting sucker control product for flue-cured and burley tobacco. Prime+ application does not result in bronzing or bleaching and allows leaves to continue development after application for a fuller, healthier crop with additional weight gain. Prime+ offers great control so growers can use less Maleic hydrazide and lower overall residues. For increased efficiency, apply Prime+ with drop nozzles to enhance main stem coverage.

Product Highlights

  • Season-long sucker control
  • Continued leaf development for a fuller and healthier crop with additional weight gain
  • No bronzing or leaf bleaching
  • Reduces use of MH, lowering residues
  • Rainfast in two hours

Download Supporting Prime+ EC Documents

Tobacco Solutions Brochure(PDF)
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