Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship

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Syngenta Agriculture Scholarship

I embrace diversity. Diversity fosters ideas. Ideas spawn innovation. Innovation defines the future. The future starts with me. My time is now.

The application period for the 2017 Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship is now closed.
We are proud to announce the 2017 National and Regional Prize winners.

Meet our 2017 National Prize Winners

Aimee Uyehara

Master’s Level, National Winner

Aimee Uyehara of University of Hawaii at Manoa

“I believe all of us in agriculture have a responsibility to facilitate diversity through our attitudes toward each other. Through mutual respect, curiosity, and the enjoyment of diversity, we can learn much about ourselves as we seek ways to improve agriculture. We must buy into the idea of diversity just as much as the institution.”
Read Aimee’s Essay.

Abigail Han

Bachelor’s Level, National Winner

Abigail Han of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

“What we eat and how it’s produced is something that affects everyone, so it should involve everyone as well. People of all ages, races, disciplines, and geographic locations should be at the table to ensure that solutions we come up with will work for everyone.”
Read Abigail’s Essay.

Meet our 2017 Regional Prize Winners

Caylen Goldsberry

Bachelor's Level, Mid-South Region Winner
Caylen Goldsberry of Tuskegee University

Jacobo Sanchez

Master's Level, Mid-South Region Winner
Jacobo Sanchez of Texas Tech University

Isabella Usenza

Bachelor's Level, Midwest Region Winner
Isabella Usenza of University of Kentucky

Lindsay Overmyer

Master's Level, Midwest Region Winner
Lindsay Overmyer of University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Andrew Hanson

Bachelor's Level, Western Region Winner
Andrew Hanson of University of California, Davis

Kaitlyn Orde

Master's Level, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region Winner
Kaitlyn Orde of University of New Hampshire

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