Avicta Elite Cotton Plus - Seed Treatment

Product Overview

Avicta® Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance® CST seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products, will supply cotton growers with top-of-the-line defense against early-season diseases, in addition to stellar protection against insects and nematodes, to help achieve optimized root and plant health and consistent yield stability from year to year. Avicta Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance CST combines seven active ingredients that will deliver extended protection against a broad spectrum of seedborne and soilborne diseases and help cotton growers stay one step ahead of insect pests.

Product Highlights

  • Best-in-class Rhizoctonia protection
  • Broad-spectrum control of seed, soil and foliar chewing and sucking insects including tobacco thrips (limited control), Western flower thrips, cotton aphid  and cotton fleahoppers (suppression) 
  • New mode of action with ideal systemic activity and soil mobility
  • Long-lasting protection of entire root system under wide range of environmental conditions
  • Low use rate and excellent seed safety

Download Supporting Avicta Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance CST Documents

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Avicta Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance CST Sell Sheet(PDF)
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