FarMore F300 Seed Treatment

Product Overview

FarMore® F300, an advanced fungicide seed treatment technology, delivers protection for a variety of small-seeded vegetable crops against a broad spectrum of seed and seedling diseases. Utilizing the active ingredients in Apron XL® fungicide, Maxim® 4FS seed treatment fungicide and Dynasty® fungicide, FarMore F300 technology enhances seedling emergence, plant stand establishment, plant health, early-season vigor, and yield.

Product Highlights

  • Provides early-season protection against certain diseases and insects
  • Eliminates or reduces the chance of viruses being transmitted by certain insects
  • Improves yield and quality of small-seeded vegetable crops
  • Excellent compatibility with existing insect protection strategies
  • Compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs
  • Provides consistent performance to enhance seedling emergence, maximize plant stand establishment, stimulate early-season vigor and plant health, and protect yield
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