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Product Overview

FarMore® FI400 Brassica fungicide/insecticide seed treatment technology includes a combination of three proven and complementary fungicides that provide the first line of defense and protection against several key seed and seedling diseases including Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium, general damping-off and seedling blight. In addition, FarMore FI400 Brassica technology contains thiamethoxam, a second generation neonicotinoid, which protects against excessive foliage damage in young plants from aphids, cabbage maggots, root maggots, flea beetles, whiteflies and wireworms. 

Product Highlights

  • Provides early-season protection against certain diseases and insects

  • Eliminates or reduces the chance of viruses being transmitted by certain insects

  • Helps brassica crops achieve full yield and quality potential

  • Compatible with other suitable soil- and foliar-applied products to provide a comprehensive solution for growers

  • Provides consistent performance to enhance seedling emergence, maximize plant stand establishment, stimulate early-season vigor and plant health, and protect yield potential

  • Eliminates the need to repeatedly walk fields, minimizing human traffic in the field

Download Supporting FarMore FI400 Brassica Documents

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FarMore FI400 Brassica Technical Bulletin(PDF)
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FarMore Presentation(PDF)
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FarMore Image Brochure (Spanish)(PDF)
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FarMore Image Brochure(PDF)
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