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Product Overview

FarMore® FI400 Cucurbits fungicide/insecticide seed treatment technology includes a combination of three proven and complementary fungicides that provides the first line of defense against several key seed and seedling diseases including Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium, general damping-off and seedling blight. In addition, FarMore FI400 Cucurbits technology contains thiamethoxam, a second generation neonicotinoid, which protects against excessive foliage damage in young plants from cucumber beetles, flea beetles, leafminers. Thiamethoxam also eliminates or reduces the chance of virus transmission by certain insects such as aphids, thrips, seedcorn maggot, wireworms and whiteflies. 

Product Highlights

  • Provides early-season protection against certain diseases and insects

  • Limits excessive damage of foliage from cucumber beetles in young plants

  • Eliminates or reduces the chance of viruses being transmitted by certain insects

  • Helps cucurbit crops achieve full yield and quality potential

  • Excellent compatibility with existing insect control strategies in cucurbit crops

  • In some cases, eliminates the need for one early foliar spray

  • Provides consistent performance to enhance seedling emergence, maximize plant stand establishment, stimulate early-season vigor and plant health, and protect yield

  • Compatible with other suitable soil- and foliar-applied products to provide a comprehensive solution for growers

  • Eliminates the need to repeatedly walk fields, minimizing human traffic in the field

  • Contains a systemic insecticide that is absorbed and redistributed inside the plant system to allow for a sustained action of the product

Download Supporting FarMore FI400 Cucurbits Documents

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FarMore FI400 Cucurbits Standard Treatment Bulletin(PDF)
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FarMore Presentation(PDF)
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FarMore Image Brochure (Spanish)(PDF)
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FarMore Image Brochure(PDF)
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