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Tomatoes from Syngenta: Perfection through GSPP

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As one of the international leaders in crop protection and the breeding of high-quality seed varieties for the professional market, Syngenta has taken a leadership role as one of the key initiators of Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP), a hygiene and prevention system that significantly reduces the risk of Clavibacter michiganensis (Cmm), for the tomato market.

GSPP areas of focus:
  • The implementation of "green" compartments, separated by a system of locks from the "yellow" zones and "red" controlled areas with very strict entry rules and hygiene protocols
  • Water management, including UV disinfection
  • Personnel management
  • Continuous equipment handling and cleaning
  • Crop control (monitoring, sampling, testing)
Extracting the seeds for the best tomatoes in the world requires great attention to hygiene. Every detail counts and nothing is left to chance to ensure the excellent condition of the tomato seeds. When it comes to GSPP and seed hygiene and quality, Syngenta strives for perfection.

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