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Bean (Commercial Fresh Market)

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  • Strong seedling vigor and consistently high yields
  • Excellent disease resistance package and high stress and heat tolerance
  • Well-adapted to a wide range of growing conditions
  • Performs well in the presence of the eastern virus complex
  • Plant structure and pod setting result in high percentage of marketable beans


Ambition is well-adapted to all production areas and sets well in most heat conditions. It produces attractive, very dark green pods to meet market demand, and it displays strong seedling vigor.
  • Produces long, straight pods that are smooth and very dark green in color
  • Great eating quality, flavor and texture
  • Extremely stress-tolerant with tolerance to whitefly pressure
  • Consistent high yields with long shelf-life
  • Excellent quality and appearance in size and shape for reduced culls


  • Produces classy, high quality pods that are long, slim and very dark green
  • Exceptional eating quality and consumer appeal
  • Excellent heat tolerance
  • Picks clean with mechanical harvest and flows well through packing sheds
  • Superior field-holding ability for marketing flexibility


  • Produces very long, straight pods
  • Distinctive dark green color, tender texture and sweet flavor consumers demand
  • Upright bush holds pods above the ground and protects pod quality by reducing the likelihood of curling and tip rot
  • Best suited to multiple hand picks and is adapted to a wide range of growing areas

Jade II

Jade II produces abundant yields over multiple harvests of long, straight pods with the exceptionally sweet flavor, tenderness and dark green color that consumers demand.
  • Similar features of Jade including pod length, pod quality, hand harvesting, plant vigor and maturity
  • This bush bean is widely adapted to the major growing regions
  • With its enhanced color, Jade II drives even stronger market acceptance and sales
  • Its upright structure minimizes curling and tip rot, protecting quality and grower investment
  • Harvest continues over extended period with multiple picks to maximize yields, profitability


  • Soon to become the next standard for Romano-type beans
  • Exceptional eating quality enhanced by low fiber
  • Upright bush habit for ease of harvest of its flavorful beans
  • Widely adapted to major garden bean growing areas


  • Fancy fine sieve bean
  • Uniform, very attractive pods
  • Good shelf life
  • High yield potential
  • Strong, upright plant
  • Excellent pod quality for tray pack
  • Widely adapted


  • Consistent high yields
  • Uniform, bright yellow color with minimal green retention
  • Early maturity
  • Widely adapted
  • Consistent shape and high percentage of refined four-sieve pods

Momentum (SB4534)

An upright bush style variety, Momentum produces concentrated sets of straight pods and is widely adapted to most growing regions.
  • Concentrated sets of straight, dark green pods on upright bush
  • Consistent performing variety with high stress tolerance
  • Performs well from south Florida to New York

Technical Data: Garden Bean

Variety Approximate days to maturity Approx. pod length (in) Average sieve size Pod color Machine harvest Disease resistance
{Variety_Name_bean} {Approximate_Maturity_bean} {Pod_Length} {Sieve_Size} {Pod_Color} {Machine_Harvest} {Disease_Resistance_bean}
Disease abbreviation key:
  • BCMV - Bean common mosaic virus
  • BCTV - Curly top caused by Beet curly top virus
  • Cl - Anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum lindemuthianum
  • Psp - Halo blight caused by Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. phaseolicola
  • Pss - Bacterial brown spot caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae
  • Ua - Rust caused by the specified races of Uromyces appendiculatus
  • PVP - Plant Variety Protection: C=Contemplated, A=Applied For, G=Granted
  • HR - High resistance
  • IR - Intermediate resistance
In cases where specific races or strains are not noted, the variety is resistant to some, but not necessarily all known races or strains of the pathogen. For complete disease resistance information, please click here.

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