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Syngenta Vegetables

Syngenta is committed to providing innovative tools that help its vegetable customers increase productivity in a sustainable way while improving farm profitability.
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Grow More Vegetables Seed Grant
Grow More Vegetables Seed GrantCongratulations to our 2013 grant recipients! Learn more

Click here to APPLY ONLINE or DOWNLOAD the 2014 application for the Syngenta vegetables seed grant for schools and community organizations interested in establishing or enhancing garden programs.
Where to Buy
Where to BuyFind an authorized Syngenta Vegetable Seeds distributor in your area.
Syngenta Featured Watermelon Varieties
Syngenta Featured Watermelon VarietiesJames Brusca, Syngenta Breeder - Watermelons discusses the key attributes of Admiration, Fascination, Melody and Super Pollenizer SP-6 varieties during Naples Trial Event.
Crop Protection Products: Produce the highest-quality crop possible with our solutions.
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Syngenta Vegetables - United States