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Sweet Corn (Commercial Fresh Market)

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TripleSweet Plus – setting a higher standard

TripleSweet® Plus is the latest advancement in the TripleSweet product line. It features the same exceptional quality and tenderness, but now it’s even sweeter tasting thanks to more supersweet kernels on every ear. Combined with an improved shelf life, it is sure to be a hit at roadside stands and in local retail stores.


  • First in a series of new TripleSweet Plus varieties from Syngenta
  • Marks the next generation of superior eating-quality corn
  • Exceptional flavor and sweetness exceed standard TripleSweet varieties and bring customers back for more
  • Tender and extra sweet bi-color kernels, long ears and medium-sized husks preferred for roadside and local markets
  • High resistance to southern corn leaf blight and intermediate resistance to common rust and Stewart's wilt
  • Approximately 81 days to maturity

TripleSweet hybrids boasting superior eating qualities


A clean plant with easy pick that produces slender bicolor ears with good flavor and tender pericarp, Alto is the first variety in the TripleSweet® product line that is in the first early maturity slot. Ideal for oadside stand growers in the northern U.S. and Canada, Alto is what the market has been waiting for!
  • Excellent tip fill and good husk cover
  • Slender ear with desirable TripleSweet eating quality
  • Excellent stand uniformity in early cold soil
  • Only variety of its kind with 72 day maturity


BC0822 provides outstanding TripleSweet eating quality with Attribute® insect protection to minimize insect damage and costs - and maximize yield and quality.
  • Tender sweet kernels covering a uniform ear length
  • Great tip cover and attractive flag leaves
  • Ideal for roadside and local markets
  • Excellent rust resistance package
  • Approximately 77 days to maturity
Attribute insect protection
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  • Long ears with good husk extension
  • Ideal for main-season plantings in the Midwest and Northeast
  • Approximately 80 days to maturity
Attribute insect protection
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This TripleSweet has high-quality large ears and outstanding eating quality, making it a favorite for roadside markets.
  • Produces exceptional eating quality
  • Well-suited for local and roadside markets in the Midwest and Northeast
  • A white BC 0805-type
  • Approximately 80 days to maturity
Attribute insect protection
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  • Outstanding eating quality
  • Well-suited for roadside and local markets as well as home gardens
  • Approximately 82 days to maturity

BC 0805

An industry standard for reliability of high yields and eating quality, BC 0805 is packed with superior taste and eating qualities.
  • Well-suited for main-season plantings in the Midwest and Northeast
  • Long, well-filled ears
  • Outstanding eating quality with tender, sweet kernels
  • Approximately 82 days to maturity
Attribute insect protection
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Honey Select

  • All-America Selections Winner
  • Exceptional tenderness, flavor and sweetness
  • Produces large, high-quality ears
  • Medium green husks and good flags
  • Approximately 79 days to maturity

Sugary/sugary enhanced (su/se)

Silver Queen

  • The industry standard white "su" sweet corn
  • Superb eating quality
  • Attractive package
  • Elegant ears with flavorful, tender kernels
  • Approximately 88 days to maturity

Silver King

  • This white ear has fabulous flavor and tenderness for local market growers and home gardeners
  • Tight husk cover helps prevent bird damage
  • Optimum ear placement makes for an easy harvest
  • Approximately 82 days to maturity

Supersweet (sh2) hybrids that outperform in the field and the market


Legion is a high-yielding bi-color shipper corn with a robust disease package and strong agronomic characteristics.
  • Well-suited for the eastern shipper market
  • Straight rowing, good tip fill and uniform ear size
  • Excellent husk cover and attractive flag leaves
  • Reliable high yields
  • Approximately 79 days to maturity

GSS 0966

  • Main-season yellow shipper corn with good eating quality
  • Well-filled ears with glossy kernels and excellent husk cover
  • Consistent performance
  • Approximately 78 days to maturity
Attribute insect protection
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This is a high-yielding white supersweet hybrid that produces a stylish shipper ear with uniform size, protected by a strong disease package.
  • Excellent tip fill appeals to fresh market customers
  • Ideal ear size for crating in shipper markets
  • Especially well-adapted for regions from south Florida to New York
  • High resistance to common rust and intermediate resistance to Stewart’s wilt, northern corn leaf blight and maize dwarf mosaic
  • Approximately 78 days to maturity

WSS 0987

  • A consistent performing white for the fresh shipper market
  • High resistance to common rust and intermediate resistance to northern corn leaf blight
  • Approximately 81 days to maturity
Attribute insect protection
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Garrison is a strong performer for the shipper market, producing an abundant, quality crop – from flavor to appearance – demanded by the industry and consumers
  • High-yielding yellow shipper corn
  • Industry leading disease package
  • Uniform shipper ear with straight rowing and excellent tip fill
  • Consistent high yields
  • Strong husk protection
  • Wide area of adaptation
  • Approximately 79 days to maturity
BSS 0977

BSS 0977

  • Exceptional rust resistance package
  • Strong performing, widely adapted bi-color shipper corn
  • Eye-catching dark green husks
  • High-quality ears
  • Approximately 78 days to maturity
Attribute insect protection
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Heavenly is a white supersweet variety with outstanding eating quality and strong consumer appeal for the western U.S. shipper market.
  • Strong performer in the West
  • Well-suited for multiple markets, including roadside stands
  • Especially well-suited for growers and shippers needing a higher quality ear
  • Consistent eating quality
  • Attractive white ears with deep kernels
  • Consistent yields and better pack outs
  • Approximately 78 days to maturity
SS Jubilee Plus

SS Jubilee Plus

  • Industry standard for eating quality
  • Excellent yellow-gold color
  • Deep kernels


A high-yielding bi-color, BSS0982 is top of the line in outstanding eating enjoyment to meet the demands of discriminating shippers and consumers.
  • Exceptional eating quality
  • For high-end shipper and local markets in the West and Northeast
  • Large, attractive ears with good kernel color contrast
  • Excellent disease package
  • Approximately 80 days to maturity
Attribute insect protection
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  • Bi-color with similar plant and ear to Garrison but with improved eating quality and husk protection
  • Maintains ear size and tip fill during fall and winter seasons
  • High resistance to Northern corn leaf blight and common rust


An Attribute® II insect-protected variety, Protector has industry-leading disease and above-ground insect control and is a consistently high-yielding, shipper that performs well across most growing areas and seasons.
  • Strong husk protection, straight rowing and excellent tip fill
  • Attribute II trait stack maximizes yield and productivity by delivering unsurpassed control of lepidopteran pests
  • Consistently high yields provide continual profit opportunities for growers
  • Uniform ears ideal for shipping
Attribute II insect protection
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Technical Data: Sweet Corn

Variety Endosperm type Kernel color Approximate days to maturity Avg. ear length (in) Avg. ear diameter (in) Average row count Husk appearance Disease resistance*
{Variety_Name_corn} {Endosperm_Type_corn} {Kernel_color} {Approximate_Maturity_corn} {Ear_Length} {Ear_Diameter} {Row_Count} {Husk_Appearance} {Disease_Resistance_corn}
Disease abbreviation key:
  • Bm - Southern corn leaf blight caused by Bipolaris maydis (= Helminthosporium maydis)
  • Et - Northern corn leaf blight caused by Exserohilum turcicum (= Helminthosporium turcicum)
  • MDMV - Maize dwarf mosaic virus
  • Ps - Common rust caused by Puccinia sorghi (Rp1-d, e, g, i) controlled by the Rp1-d, e, g, and i genes (see *footnote below)
  • Pst - Stewart’s wilt caused by Pantoea stewartii (= Erwinia stewartii)
  • se - Sugary enhanced
  • sh2 - Supersweet
  • su - Sugary
  • HR - High resistance
  • IR - Intermediate resistance
*Footnote to sweet corn: the effectiveness of rust resistance genes in sweet corn will be determined by the variation of common rust races in each growing environment. Rust races are continually evolving, so that rust resistance genes that were effective in the past may suddenly and unexpectedly lose their effectiveness. It is necessary to scout for rust disease development, so that alternative disease control strategies can be deployed in the event that major gene resistance proves ineffective. Syngenta Seeds is an associate member of the International Seed Federation and supports the initiative to use consistent terminology to describe plant diseases and resistance. For further information, see

In cases where specific races or strains are not noted, the variety is resistant to some, but not necessarily all known races or strains of the pathogen. For complete disease resistance information, please click here.

Grower guide for ATTRIBUTE insect protected sweet corn

ATTRIBUTE insect protected sweet corn
Produce outstanding yields of picture-perfect ears with ATTRIBUTE trait stack sweet corn.

High-quality, picture-perfect ears

Attribute® and Attribute II trait stacks from Syngenta are a viable crop strategy for sweet corn growers throughout the country. Commercially grown since 1998, Attribute sweet corn seeds provide a high level of above-ground protection against European corn borers and corn earworms throughout the growing season. With Attribute sweet corn, growers have another option for harvesting outstanding yields of high-quality sweet corn that meets market needs. When managed in accordance with the recommendations outlined in this guide, Attribute sweet corn can be a valuable addition to your crop management strategy for many years to come.

The recently introduced Attribute II trait stack continues the Syngenta tradition of providing high performance traits to sweet corn growers, and now it has the added power of Vip3A – a unique mode of action proprietary to Syngenta. The combination of Vip3A with Cry1Ab, the protein found in Attribute sweet corn varieties, offers excellent control of key yield-robbing insects including European corn borer, corn earworm and fall armyworm and Western bean cutworm.

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