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Attribute II Varieties

The Attribute® II trait stack combines the power of Vip3A – a unique mode of action proprietary to Syngenta – with Cry1Ab, the protein found in the Attribute trait stack, to offer enhanced protection of key pests and control of Western bean cutworm. In addition to high-level insect protection, Attribute sweet corn varieties offer beneficial herbicide tolerance for flexibility in weed management and give growers another option for harvesting outstanding yields of high-quality sweet corn that meet market needs.

Attribute Varieties

Each Attribute sweet corn variety contains a gene that expresses the production of a crystalline protein (Cry) from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). When lepidopteran insects consume a small amount of plant tissue, the Bt protein binds to their digestive systems, causing them to stop feeding and die within 48 hours. Bt protein is embedded within corn leaves, silks, stalks and ears throughout the growing season, providing comprehensive protection that won’t wash off in the rain or degrade in the sun.

Technical Data: Sweet Corn

Variety Endosperm type Kernel color Approximate days to maturity Avg. ear length (in) Avg. ear diameter (in) Average row count Husk appearance Disease resistance*
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Grower guide for ATTRIBUTE insect protected sweet corn

ATTRIBUTE insect protected sweet corn
Produce outstanding yields of picture-perfect ears with ATTRIBUTE trait stack sweet corn.

High-quality, picture-perfect ears

Attribute® and Attribute II trait stacks from Syngenta are a viable crop strategy for sweet corn growers throughout the country. Commercially grown since 1998, Attribute sweet corn seeds provide a high level of above-ground protection against European corn borers and corn earworms throughout the growing season. With Attribute sweet corn, growers have another option for harvesting outstanding yields of high-quality sweet corn that meets market needs. When managed in accordance with the recommendations outlined in this guide, Attribute sweet corn can be a valuable addition to your crop management strategy for many years to come.

The recently introduced Attribute II trait stack continues the Syngenta tradition of providing high performance traits to sweet corn growers, and now it has the added power of Vip3A – a unique mode of action proprietary to Syngenta. The combination of Vip3A with Cry1Ab, the protein found in Attribute sweet corn varieties, offers excellent control of key yield-robbing insects including European corn borer, corn earworm and fall armyworm and Western bean cutworm.

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