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Technical Data: Watermelon

Variety Approx. days to maturity Fruit shape Fruit weight range (lbs) Rind pattern Flesh description Disease resistance
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Plants you can count on

Full Count Plant program
Choice, Flexibility, Simplicity

The Full Count® Plant Program has changed the way watermelon growers across the U.S. prepare for their season. Since its beginning in 2002, Full Count has established itself as the leading supplier of quality transplants in the watermelon industry. Full Count provides Syngenta genetics to every major U.S. production region from preferred transplant producers that growers can depend on.

Gone are the challenges associated with germination, emergence and usable plants when transplanting your crop in the field. Instead, you get the assurance of receiving the “full count” of your plant order, and you get the simplicity and choice of selecting from our leading transplant producers. Most importantly, you get the expertise of the Full Count team providing the customer service you can depend on—satisfaction guaranteed.

The Full Count Deuces and Full Count Duals companion transplant programs can help you increase the efficiency of your transplant operations and reduce labor costs even more. By combining the best of its patented technologies – Syngenta seedless watermelon varieties and Super PollenizerTM SP-6 – into one transplant plug, Syngenta is redefining the way the industry transplants watermelons: fast, easy and cost-efficiently.

Full Count: Your number one source and provider for the latest plant production technology.

For more information, contact your local Syngenta representative or seed dealer.
Syngenta brand seeds are available through authorized dealers in the United States and Canada.