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Medium green zucchini


Paycheck produces abundant yields of medium green zucchini with excellent eating characteristics, and it maintains shape and length even in cold conditions.
  • IR: CMV / Px / WMV / ZYMV
  • Good for Fall season when CMV can be an issue
  • Very good adaptability
  • High yield potential
  • Excellent fruit quality

Spineless Beauty

  • Industry standard
  • Glossy, high-quality fruit
  • Truly spineless plant
  • High yield potential
  • Adapted to all eastern growing areas


  • IR: Px / WMV / ZYMV
  • Performs well under spring and summer conditions
  • Widely adapted
  • Excellent fruit quality
  • Upright plant

Spineless Perfection

  • IR: Px / WMV / ZYMV
  • Spineless petioles minimize fruit damage during harvest
  • Classic Spineless Beauty-type fruit with high gloss
  • Open, upright plant habit for ease of picking
  • Refined flecking produces a rich green color
  • Similar yields to Spineless Beauty


  • IR: ZYMV
  • Consistent high yields
  • Very good adaptability
  • Excellent fruit quality
  • Vigorous plant


This eye-appealing, glossy zucchini variety delivers a uniform shape, ideal for eastern U.S. growers. Payload offers numerous beneficial production features including a robust disease resistance package to protect quality and yield and an upright, open plant to facilitate ease of harvest.
  • Medium-green, glossy fruit with cylindrical uniform shape
  • Medium green zucchini, slightly darker than Paycheck
  • Open plant with reduced spines
  • Medium vigor growth habit
  • Disease resistance package includes cucumber mosaic virus, Powdery mildew, watermelon mosaic virus and zucchini yellow mosaic virus
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Medium-dark green zucchini

Emerald Desire

This improved Envy-type zucchini offers higher yields, excellent produce quality and an industry-leading disease resistance package.
  • Improved, Envy-type zucchini with broad-based disease resistance package
  • Attractive uniform, cylindrical shape and medium-dark green glossy exterior
  • Higher yield potentials of excellent produce quality


Envy features a glossy, cylindrical fruit with wide adaptability for several eastern growing areas as well as California. Envy produces upright, open, nearly spineless plants with high yield potential and a solid disease resistance package.
  • Attractive, glossy fruit with uniform, medium-dark coloring
  • More vigorous plant than comparable varieties
  • Open, upright plant structure offers easier harvest and minimized fruit damage
  • Good disease resistance package, including intermediate resistance to zucchini yellow mosaic virus and powdery mildew

Dark green zucchini


Pascola packages disease resistance with high yields in early harvests of attractive, marketable fruit.
  • IR: CMV / Px / WMV / ZYMV
  • Outstanding disease resistance
  • Slender-type fruit
  • Nearly spineless plant
  • Good for mid- to late-season plantings as CMV pressure increases
  • High yield potential in early harvests
  • Uniform, dark green, glossy fruit, medium to long in length
  • Open, upright, nearly spineless plant for improved fruit quality during harvest


  • IR: Px / WMV / ZYMV
  • Improved disease resistance
  • Good early yields
  • Glossy, attractive fruit


  • IR: Px / WMV / ZYMV
  • Proven performance
  • Outstanding fruit quality
  • Ease of harvest


  • IR: WMV / ZYMV
  • Nearly spineless plant
  • Excellent fruit quality
  • Proven yield performance


  • Industry standard
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Proven performance
  • Open plant habit

Golden zucchini

Golden Glory

  • IR: Px / WMV / ZYMV
  • Improved disease resistance
  • Upright plant
  • High yield potential

Golden Dawn III

  • Industry standard
  • Open plant habit
  • Reduced spines
  • Outstanding yield potential

Golden Delight

  • IR: WMV / ZYMV
  • Established variety
  • Attractive yellow color
  • Uniform fruit shape



  • High-demand variety for both full-size and baby vegetable markets
  • Unique, glossy, deep yellow fruit that consumers prefer with dark green blossom end
  • Tender, buttery flavor sustained in larger, mature squash
  • Compact, bushy plant
  • Adapted to all major production areas


A distinctive grey zucchini variety, Cuarzo includes a strong disease resistance package and offers an extended harvest window for excellent yield potential. The upright, semi-open plant allows for ease of harvest of its high-quality fruit, which has uniformity and an attractive appearance.
  • High quality fruit with excellent yield potential
  • Uniform shape and appearance
  • Upright, semi-open plant for easier harvest and minimized fruit damage
  • Extended harvest window due to improved disease resistance package

Technical Data: Zucchini

Variety Approximate days to maturity Fruit shape Fruit color Average diameter (in) Average length (in) Plant characteristics Disease resistance
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Disease abbreviation key:
  • CMV - Cucumber mosaic virus
  • Px - Powdery mildew caused by specific races of Sphaerotheca fuliginea
  • WMV - Watermelon mosaic virus
  • ZYMV - Zucchini yellow mosaic virus
  • HR - High resistance
  • IR - Intermediate resistance
In cases where specific races or strains are not noted, the variety is resistant to some, but not necessarily all known races or strains of the pathogen. For complete disease resistance information, please click here.

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