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What does it mean to be a Seed Advisor? Watch and we'll explain.

You know local soil types, weather conditions and pest challenges better than anyone. Becoming a Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor means taking this extensive local expertise and putting it to work to help growers in your area maximize yield on every field. With an outstanding seed and traits product portfolio at your fingertips, we provide you access to local trial and yield data to help with predictive planning. We also train you to provide field-specific solutions so your growers can reach their full potential.

Seed Advisor Testimonials

Andy Neels
Golden Harvest Seed Advisor
Dunbar, NE

“When your job is to help your neighbors succeed by providing products from one of the largest international companies in agriculture, it hardly feels like a job.”


David Laur
Golden Harvest Seed Advisor
Westboro, MO

“Syngenta has multiple up-and-coming advanced trait technologies and the product knowledge they provide to the Seed Advisors is incredible.”


Ralph Pabst
Golden Harvest Seed Advisor
Sanborn, MN

“My customers are basically everything to me. They’re neighbors and friends. So it’s very important to me to get my recommendation right. I think my customers understand that I’m totally honest with them and looking out for their best interests. I won’t recommend anything I don’t believe in.”


6 Reasons to Be a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor

Why should you think about becoming a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor? There are too many reasons to count. But we’ll help get you started…


1 You set your own goals and direction for your seed business as an independent seed advisor, and Syngenta is there to help you realize your vision.

Maximize Yield

2 You can help growers maximize yield on every acre with high-performing Golden Harvest® Corn, Golden Harvest Soybeans and NK® Soybeans.

Best-in-class Genetics

3 You have access to advanced Agrisure® traits and technologies for best-in-class insect control, herbicide tolerance and water optimization, as well as Enogen® corn hybrids, available in select areas and featuring a Syngenta-exclusive in-seed innovation designed to enhance ethanol production.

Seed Portfolio

4 You have the opportunity to grow with few limits because of your access to a broad and diverse seed portfolio that enables tailored, local placements for top performance.


5 You are counted on by growers to deliver corn and soybean products best suited for individual acres and needs.

Ag Sales Representatives

6 You can rely on an extensive network of ag sales representatives, agronomists and customer service specialists to support you.

Become a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor

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Syngenta Portfolio

Syngenta invests more than $3.9 million globally in research and development every day. As a result, we have developed an exceptional portfolio of corn, soybean, cereal and sugarbeet seed. This allows us to deliver the right combination of field-specific solutions to help maximize yield on every field and enhance each grower’s experience.


Golden Harvest® Corn hybrids and Golden Harvest Soybean varieties, advanced genetics and traits to take on many different environments for top-of-the-line yield potential.

NK® Soybeans, high-tech seed with an elite combination of genetics and technology to maximize crop return on every acre.

Enogen® corn enzyme technology, an in-seed innovation that enhances ethanol production.

AgriPro® brand wheat varieties, top-performing, locally-adapted varieties that target high yield potential and quality grain.

Traits and Technologies

Agrisure Artesian corn hybrids maximize yield when it rains and increase yield when it doesn’t.

Agrisure Duracade® traits feature a unique mode of action to provide effective corn rootworm control.

Agrisure Viptera® traits offer more control of more insects for more yield.

Syngenta Solutions

The AgriEdge Excelsior® program offers data-rich, whole-farm management and solutions.

Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform delivers improved yield with up to 25 percent less irrigation compared to other programs.


Golden Harvest Seed Advisors have in-depth knowledge of local growing conditions and access to data and product placement tools to help growers select the Golden Harvest hybrids and varieties that will perform best in their fields. Their local expertise coupled with the products and support from Syngenta enable them to work hand-in-hand with growers to make every season count.

To the right are questions many people ask when considering joining the Golden Harvest Seed Advisor network.

Do they pay as well as my current employer?
Syngenta has the most comprehensive compensation and business support program available for our independent Golden Harvest Seed Advisors. Each package is built individually based on the specific needs of the Golden Harvest Seed Advisor's business.
Can I afford to be in business on my own?
Syngenta works to make sure that our Golden Harvest Seed Advisors have the equipment and capital they need to build their businesses and take care of their families at the same time.
Does Syngenta provide their Golden Harvest Seed Advisors with benefits?
Syngenta does not provide Golden Harvest Seed Advisors with benefits. As an independent business, Golden Harvest Seed Advisors have the opportunity to invest in and select the best benefits package to fit their needs.
What support system does Syngenta provide for their Golden Harvest Seed Advisors?
Syngenta has a complete support system for our Golden Harvest Seed Advisors including: national, regional, local and online training. Additionally, Syngenta provides local sales and agronomy support as well as a customer service staff all dedicated to your success. With $3.9 million per day invested in the world-class research and development of genetics, traits, seed care and crop protection, only Golden Harvest Seed Advisors have access to the most comprehensive lineup and future pipeline of products and technologies to assist growers.