Featured This Month

Hope Hart: Proven Ag Researcher and Developer

ag community

Syngenta scientist commits her career to innovative ag technologies and the understanding of their safety.

A Road Well-Planned Boosts Productivity

farm production

While adoption of new technologies is expected to quicken, collaborative relationships on the farm will continue to define agriculture.

Drones Provide a Bird's Eye View

farm production

Drones are poised to have a major impact on farm production as a relatively inexpensive way to monitor crops.

A New Approach for Endangered Species

public policy

To balance environmental protection with agricultural needs and food security, cooperation is crucial.

New Pepper Has Market-Changing Potential

research & development

Syngenta unveils a new green pepper that offers growers, grocery-store retailers and consumers benefits they can see—and taste.

Crop Challenge Winners Announced

news & events

A team from Stanford University wins inaugural competition that rewards innovative solutions to combat global food insecurity.