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Tammy Wiedenbeck From Lancaster, Wisconsin
Tammy Wiedenbeck From Lancaster, Wisconsin
Farmer/Co-Manager of Riverview Farms
Field Rep/ Social Media Coordinator at Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association

Growing up, my roots in agriculture had only just sprouted. I struggled when my friends would want to hang out together and I had to stay home if my parents had work on the farm. Although I loved the animals and exploring the land, those feelings at one point were of jealousy and admiration for other lifestyles. But having a brother almost 11 years older who said at the age of four that he wanted to be a farmer, those feelings didn’t last long.

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Kathleen Sylvia Kelly Amaral From Griffin, Georgia
Kathleen Sylvia Kelley Amaral From Griffin, Georgia
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Georgia

As the sun rose, I could hear her get up, tie her apron and put on her shoes to get ready for the day. She would work in the backyard garden daily, bringing vegetables and fruits to the kitchen where she would spend the remainder of the day canning, salting, pickling or cooking them. She encouraged me to work hands-on with the land. An Azorean immigrant, who didn’t obtain an education or know English, taught me my first important lessons in agriculture.

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Krista Swanson From Oneida, Illinois
Krista Swanson From Oneida, Illinois
Research Specialist in Agriculture Policy
University of Illinois

I frequently recognize growing up on a family farm as the first seed in my ever-growing passion for agriculture. And while that was the first seed, it wasn’t until my high school FFA experience that the seed began to sprout. Throughout my high school and college years, I was fortunate to have several wise mentors who assisted me in personal development, influencing and guiding my future in agriculture. But I believe one particular mentor set my life on an agricultural trajectory that I may not be on otherwise.

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