Featured This Month

Shawn Potter: A Passion to Empower Others

ag community

Early experiences on the farm drive his desire to help growers succeed.

Syngenta Research Is the Engine of Innovation

research & development

Scientific advances are providing powerful new technologies to help in the quest to feed the world’s growing population.

Double-Haploid Induction Speeds Up Plant-Breeding Process

research & development

Syngenta scientists have identified the genetic source of haploid induction, a process that greatly speeds up plant breeding.

Ag Groups Defend Funding for the 2018 Farm Bill

public policy

The political and economic environment is unsettled, as work begins on the 2018 Farm Bill.

Crop Protection Pipeline Will Deliver Many Innovations

research & development

Syngenta researchers are developing targeted, blockbuster technologies for the crop protection pipeline.

Farmer Breaks Yield Ceiling With Golden Harvest Seed

farm production

The right Golden Harvest hybrid and agronomic practices can help farmers achieve a more bountiful harvest.