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Customer-First Approach Delivers Exceptional Value

farm production

Syngenta is committed to offering innovative products and services.

Syngenta Invests in the Future of Agriculture

farm production

Syngenta leaders are optimistic about the long-term prospects for farming and are focused on helping the ag industry prosper.

Syngenta Partnership Delivers Productivity Data to Growers

farm production

A partnership between Syngenta and Premier Crop Systems offers subfield level analysis of costs and profitability.

Automated Farm Equipment Poised to Transform Production Practices

research & development

The rapid development of fully automated farm equipment is nearly ready to usher in a new era of agriculture.

How to Stay Safe in Agriculture

ag community

Awareness of safety best practices helps save lives and prevent accidents.

Public-Private Partnerships Offer a New Model for Conservation

public policy

A new model for conservation programs could greatly expand their ability to protect natural resources.