Featured This Month

Wise Investments Can Help Produce Better Yields

farm production

Crop inputs, such as fungicides, are often a winning proposition, even during a period of low commodity prices.

A Prescription for Managing Weed Resistance

farm production

Growers need a multifaceted approach to prevent and manage the costly challenges posed by weeds.

Trending 2050: The Future of Farming

research & development

Based on current developments, experts predict dramatic changes in agriculture by 2050.

Elatus Delivers Exceptional Disease Protection in Peanuts

product updates

A breakthrough fungicide is helping growers of one of America’s favorite foods combat tough diseases, even in challenging conditions.

Policy Change Comes to Washington

public policy

The Trump administration may embrace a range of policies that will have far-reaching effects on the ag industry.

Partnership Promotes Healthy Pollinator Habitats

ag community

A multipartner alliance is improving landscapes to provide habitats for pollinators and other local wildlife.