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Citrus Growers Excited by New Insecticide

farm production

Citrus growers say Minecto Pro is one of best insecticides to hit the market.

Brad Allen: Coming Full Circle

ag community

AgriEdge specialist connects with agriculture’s big family.

Syngenta Invests in the Future of Agriculture

farm production

Syngenta leaders are optimistic about the long-term prospects for farming and are focused on helping the ag industry prosper.

Syngenta Partnership Delivers Productivity Data to Growers

farm production

A partnership between Syngenta and Premier Crop Systems offers subfield level analysis of costs and profitability.

Automated Farm Equipment Poised to Transform Production Practices

research & development

The rapid development of fully automated farm equipment is nearly ready to usher in a new era of agriculture.

Public-Private Partnerships Offer a New Model for Conservation

public policy

A new model for conservation programs could greatly expand their ability to protect natural resources.