Syngenta Seeks Deserving Scholarship Candidates

Applications for the annual agricultural scholarship program, with $20,000 in total awards available, are now being accepted.
The 2016 Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship national winners, Abigail Arthaud (left) and Sharon Perrone (right), proudly display their commemorative plaques.

Syngenta invites eligible university students to apply to its annual Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship program, which has been expanded to include 90 additional universities for 2017. Applicants are asked to share what diversity in agriculture means to them, as well as their perspective on the importance of diversity and inclusion to the future of the industry.

“Syngenta celebrates diversity in agriculture through our support of FarmHer and other initiatives that promote the critical role everyone, including underrepresented groups, plays in the success of the industry,” says Vern Hawkins, president of Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC. “The future advancement of agriculture is incumbent upon new and diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives being brought into the fold.”

University students currently pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degrees in crop-related disciplines are eligible to compete for $20,000 in scholarship awards. Applicants must be U.S. residents enrolled as of spring 2017 in an accredited agriculture program at an eligible university.

“The future advancement of agriculture is incumbent upon new and diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives being brought into the fold.”

Vern Hawkins
“Agriculture is a reflection of the remarkable and diverse tapestry of nature, so it is only fitting that our industry and workforce reflect the diversity of the U.S. and global population as well,” says Mary Streett DeMers, senior communications lead at Syngenta. “We are excited to hear from students across the country who also embrace and value the importance of diversity and inclusion, and we look forward to supporting their contributions to its success as future leaders.”

The 2016 winners are two young women who are already contributing to agriculture. They both credit key people in their lives for encouraging them to succeed. Bachelor’s level winner Abigail Arthaud learned from her father’s example that working in agriculture requires patience and an ability to embrace change. His character influenced her desire to tell the stories of farmers around the world and learn from the experiences of others by pursuing a career in ag journalism.

Sharon Perrone, 2016 master’s level national winner, was encouraged by her mentor to think critically, question assumptions and explore all perspectives along her path of self-discovery in agriculture. “I look forward to utilizing these skills and collaborating with others to become an agent of positive change in the food system.”

Syngenta will award scholarships to the 2017 winners this fall.