Syngenta Announces Five New Sugarbeet Hybrids for 2017

Hilleshög brand hybrids help growers manage regional pests and achieve comprehensive root health.

Hilleshog sugarbeet hybrids have improved disease and pest tolerance traits

For the 2017 growing season, Syngenta will introduce five new Hilleshög® brand sugarbeet hybrids tailored to combat regional pest issues and deliver top genetic performance.

The new sugarbeet hybrids feature excellent sugar content and improved disease and pest tolerance traits. The following cooperatives will offer the specific hybrids noted:

  • American Crystal Sugar Cooperative: HIL9707, HIL9708
  • Michigan Sugar: HIL9732NT, NT9607RR
  • Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative: HIL9739

Hybrid Selection Is Key

“Hilleshög offers high-performing sugarbeet hybrids with key disease traits to meet the challenges of each unique growing area,” says Tyler Ring, sugarbeet portfolio head at Syngenta. “Our hybrid portfolio is the result of innovative R&D practices, which include localized disease screening, breeding, hybrid selection and technology evaluation at specially designed facilities throughout the beet growing regions of the U.S. This leads to a more consistent on-farm experience year after year.”

Selecting the correct hybrid is essential to raising a healthy sugarbeet crop. Sugarbeet growers can connect with their local Hilleshög sales agent or local sugar co-op agriculturist to discuss field history and recent trials to gauge how well a specific hybrid might perform for them from a quality and yield perspective. These experts can also help growers determine which disease tolerance traits are most important to their acreage.

Protecting the Seed Is Important Too

To help ensure optimum root health, strong stands and maximum yield potential, seed protection is critical. Quality seed treatments for sugarbeets help prevent the spread of plant diseases and keep insects at bay, increase root mass and seedling vigor from day one.

"Hilleshög offers high-performing sugarbeet hybrids with key disease traits to meet the challenges of each unique growing area."

Tyler Ring
Seed treatments like CruiserMaxx® Sugarbeets seed treatment insecticide/fungicide, a combination of separately registered products; Vibrance® seed treatment fungicide; or Clariva® pn seed treatment nematicide will help growers achieve comprehensive root health and minimize damage from yield-robbing pests and diseases.

By pairing quality Hilleshög brand sugarbeet hybrids with the strength of Syngenta seed treatments, growers can set up their young sugarbeet crop for a successful season.