Potato Blight Hotlines Deliver Insights to Growers

Sign up for text-message alerts to receive the latest local information on disease pressures.
Russet potatoes are piled high after harvest n the Klamath Basin of Oregon.
Russet potatoes are piled high after harvest in the Klamath Basin of Oregon.
Long-standing partnerships between Syngenta and key researchers on the potato blight hotlines continue in 2017. The hotlines, sponsored by Syngenta, provide growers in Idaho, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon and Washington access to local information about disease pressures in potatoes, including weather conditions, control measures and infection confirmations.

This year, to make updates available faster than ever, growers can subscribe to receive text messages, alerting them when the hotlines they choose are updated. See below for more information.

Pathologist/Affiliate Hotline Number To subscribe for text alerts, send text to:
Kasia Kinzer, Ph.D.
University of Idaho
1-800-791-7195 BLIGHTID to 97063
Rob Schafer, Ph.D.
Schafer Agronomy in Michigan
1-888-379-9012 BLIGHTMI to 97063
Neil Gudmestad, Ph.D.
North Dakota State University
1-888-482-7286 BLIGHTND to 97063
Ken Frost, Ph.D.
Oregon State University
1-800-705-3377 BLIGHTOR to 97063
Dennis Johnson, Ph.D.
Washington State University
1-800-984-7400 BLIGHTWA to 97063