Featured This Season

Clariva Elite Beans Coming in 2018

Clariva Elite Beans seed treatment will be an important tool in the management of soybean cyst nematodes.

Enogen Feed Corn Unlocks the Energy Potential of Beef and Dairy Rations

Enogen Feed hybrids offer proven genetics and strong agronomic characteristics.

Summer 2017

Golden Harvest Portfolio Expands for 2018 Planting Season

With new hybrids and new varieties for 2018, Golden Harvest is giving farmers more options to boost yields.

Fortenza Receives EPA Approval in Corn and Cotton

The EPA has approved Fortenza seed treatment insecticide to protect corn and cotton from early-season insects.

Orondis Ultra Premix Offers Greater Convenience

Fungicide premix helps growers manage downy mildew and late blight in many vegetables and other crops.

New High-Tech NK Hybrids and Varieties Available for 2018

Syngenta announces the release of new NK hybrids and varieties, providing growers with diversified options for their fields.

Plenaris Seed Treatment Fungicide Added to CruiserMaxx Sunflowers

Additional fungicide ingredient provides excellent protection against downy mildew in sunflowers.

Spring 2017

Orondis Ridomil Gold SL Fights Black Shank in Tobacco

Syngenta combines two active ingredients into one fungicide to protect potatoes from late blight and cucurbits from downy mildew.

Orondis Opti Offers Double-Barreled Disease Protection

The Syngenta fungicide made a stellar debut in 2016, proving its value as a key ingredient in growers’ resistance-management programs.

Now Available, Minecto Pro Offers Residual Insect Control

This insecticide offers broad-spectrum, extended control of pests.

Elatus Delivers Exceptional Disease Protection in Peanuts

A breakthrough fungicide is helping growers of one of America’s favorite foods combat tough diseases, even in challenging conditions.

Winter 2017

Trivapro Performs in 2016

Yield results show the effectiveness of this breakthrough fungicide.

New Vibrance Product Available in Potatoes

A one-of-a-kind combination of four active ingredients helps build stronger, more robust roots in potatoes.

Halex GT Celebrates 10 Years of Reliable Performance

This glyphosate-tolerant corn herbicide continues to be a mainstay of weed management programs.

Fall 2016

New Winter Wheat Varieties

New varieties address regional challenges to a successful harvest.

Orondis Opti Fungicide Premix

Orondis Opti fungicide premix helps growers manage downy mildew and late blight.

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