Customer-First Approach Delivers Exceptional Value

Syngenta is committed to offering innovative products and services.
Customer-First Approach Delivers Exceptional Value
Lisa Moricle
Today, “customer-first” is not just a slogan for agribusinesses. It’s a necessity. Lower commodity prices and market volatility are pressuring growers to make hard choices about farming inputs. As a result, they need more of their resellers’ time and expertise to help them discern the value of every purchase they make.

Syngenta is poised to help by being a consistent, reliable partner. We’re committed to continue delivering exceptional products that clearly demonstrate a return on investment and contribute to a grower’s bottom line. As some of the latest articles on this website reflect, the breadth and depth of our portfolio are positively impacting a wide variety of crops, including Trivapro® fungicide in corn, soybeans and wheat and Minecto® Pro insecticide in citrus, vegetables and potatoes.

A customer-first approach helps @SyngentaUS stay committed to offering innovative #agriculture solutions.

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But it’s our people who are bringing our brands to life. Whether they are collaborating in one of our state-of-the-art laboratories or on a grower’s farm, the men and women of Syngenta are engaged in meaningful discussions that go beyond a single product or pest. Our sales and agronomy teams in the field always welcome the opportunity to work with directly with our customers and participate in as many conversations as it takes to make sure the right product is placed on the right acre at the right time. As you’ll see on the Thrive website, some of these conversations are taking place at our Grow More™ Experience sites—unique learning environments that enable visitors to see firsthand how our products perform under local growing conditions. Others may involve simpler, more direct talks in a reseller’s office or at a grower’s kitchen table.

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Regardless of the venue, our customer partnerships are invaluable. We understand that placing our technologies on individual farms is possible because of these partnerships. The resellers of our products in particular understand the limits of a one-size-fits-all approach and the benefits of tailoring solutions to meet each farm’s unique needs. They have the ability to transform a complex problem into a simple answer. And the respect it takes to inspire growers to listen.

“We’re committed to continue delivering exceptional products that clearly demonstrate a return on investment and contribute to a grower’s bottom line.”

Lisa Moricle

They also have our respect—and support. As they work harder to service their grower customers, we, in turn, will work harder to serve them by giving them the tools and information they need to thrive. Together, we can bring value to farms across the country—throughout 2018 and beyond.