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Root Out Rootworms

Long-term strategies to manage resistance in corn rootworm is key to preserving valuable technologies.

NK Seeds: A Legacy of Innovation

The Syngenta seed brand leads the way in seed selection.

The Core Values of Golden Harvest Seed

Golden Harvest showcases its values through strong genetics, agronomy and service.

Enogen Helps Fuel the Farm Economy

Enogen corn provides the opportunity to earn a per-bushel premium for grain delivered to ethanol plants.

A Better Path Forward for Seeds

Syngenta Seeds is combining innovative research and local field support to deliver enhanced opportunities to growers.

Enogen Delivers Efficient Nourishment for Cattle

Enogen Feed corn offers growers simplicity and profit potential to help beef and dairy producers be more successful.

Recruiting Young Ag Professionals

Two experienced recruiters share ways employers can stand above the competition for top ag talent.

Spring 2019

Industry Fights Against Citrus Greening

Growers remain resolute as the search for solutions to citrus greening continues.

Syngenta Makes the Right Moves for Product Logistics

A crop-protection supplier must have the right transportation plan to ensure timely delivery of its products.

Minecto Pro Insecticide Protects Specialty Markets

Minecto Pro insecticide provides broad-spectrum control of lepidopteran pests and sucking insects in specialty crops.

Spud Doctor Videos Share Agronomic Tips on Potatoes

The video series is a great way to learn how Syngenta products can maximize the potential of potatoes.

Citrus Greening: Impacts and Solutions

Citrus greening, also known as Huanglongbing, is a devastating bacterial disease affecting U.S. citrus production.

Manage Navel Orangeworm in Tree Nuts With Syngenta Insecticides

Minecto Pro and Besiege help protect tree nut crops.

Minecto Pro Helps Growers Protect Against Citrus Thrips

To preserve yields, citrus growers must manage this damaging pest.

2019 Soybean Disease Outlook: Prepare for Higher Disease Severity and Resistance

High-performance fungicide helps soybean growers manage diseases under the toughest conditions.

Growers Show Resilience in Overcoming Natural Disasters

When Mother Nature dealt out natural disasters last year, rural communities responded with resilience.

Winter 2019

Adding Value in a Challenging Ag Market

As regulations and economic forces drive price increases in the crop input market, Syngenta is positioned to lessen the impact on growers and offer more than just a fair price.

Bulk Orders Offer Many Benefits

Both retailers and growers benefit from the lower price and convenience of bulk orders.

Get Ahead of Weed Resistance

Growers should take a proactive approach to managing resistance and keeping their herbicide programs effective.

Manage Metabolic Resistance

When weeds develop metabolic resistance to herbicides, they render those products ineffective.

Delivering Value to Growers and Resellers

In an era of rising costs, Syngenta is committed to providing the products and services growers and resellers need to maximize their success.

Field Perspectives on the 2019 Growing Season

Three Syngenta sales representatives share their insights on what lies ahead in 2019 for the agricultural communities they serve.

Syngenta Streamlines Costs Without Sacrificing Value to Customers

Syngenta is committed to containing costs, while still delivering exceptional products.

Stay in Bounds: Steps to Mitigate Spray Drift

Growers and applicators should use all the information and tools available to prevent or reduce spray drift.

Fall 2018

Maximize Soybean Yields With an Effective Weed Management Strategy

Incorporating multiple effective sites of action into your herbicide program is the key to keeping weeds at bay.

Seed Treatment Formulation Is Crucial for Early-Season Disease Protection

While many seed treatments look the same, it’s important to recognize that they are not all created equal.

Digital Technology Is Transforming Ag Production Practices

As the “internet of things” grows within the agriculture industry, digital technologies are revolutionizing ag production practices.

Ag Connections Offers Dedicated Support and Service

The support team at the company’s call center are dedicated to making its customers lives easier.

Powerful Fungicides Are Available for Specialty and Vegetable Producers

Syngenta has recently added two Adepidyn fungicide formulations to its specialty and vegetable crop portfolio.

Social Media Is Proving Its Worth for Ag Professionals

Social media is expected to become an increasingly important means of communication for resellers and growers.

Digital Ag Is the New Frontier in Agriculture

Digital ag will help growers and resellers make better agronomic and business decisions.

Seed Treatments Require Proper Handling

Industry experts agree that properly stewarding seed treatments is a shared responsibility.

Syngenta Has a Winning Roster of Fungicides

Syngenta goes all-in on disease control, adding Miravis fungicide to its 2019 lineup.

Summer 2018

A New Era of Innovation in Agriculture

An unprecedented wave of innovation is giving Syngenta the capability to meet the 21st century needs of growers and resellers.

Enogen Energizes Feed for Cattle

Enogen Feed corn unlocks feed’s energy potential, providing dairy and beef cattle producers with an efficient nutrition resource.

Enogen Fuel Footprint Expands

Enogen corn enzyme technology is gaining rapid popularity among ethanol producers.

The Attribute Trait Stack Simplifies Growing Sweet Corn

An unprecedented wave of innovation is giving Syngenta the capability to meet the 21st century needs of growers and resellers.

The Attribute II Trait Stack Delivers Key Benefits to Sweet Corn Varieties

TripleSweet corn varieties with the Attribute II Trait Stack offers a range of characteristics to meet grower needs and consumer demands.

Spring 2018

Citrus Growers Excited by New Insecticide

Citrus growers say Minecto Pro is one of best insecticides to hit the market.

Solatenol Fungicides Provide Long-Lasting Disease Protection

Potent succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) fungicides from Syngenta offer powerful protection for a wide range of crops.

Pest Patrol Celebrates 10 Years

The Syngenta Pest Patrol program has given growers in the South advance warning of invasive insects for the past decade.

Syngenta Invests in the Future of Agriculture

Syngenta leaders are optimistic about the long-term prospects for farming and are focused on helping the ag industry prosper.

Customer-First Approach Delivers Exceptional Value

Syngenta is committed to offering innovative products and services.

Insect Insights Can Help Improve Yields

Early detection and the right technologies help growers boost profit potential.

Winter 2018

Syngenta Is Committed to Building Long-Term Business Partnerships

To prescribe the best crop solutions, Syngenta focuses on generating field force excellence and earning sustained partnerships.

Syngenta Citrus Scouting Interns Generate Valuable Reports for Growers

Land.db proves a valuable and versatile tool for citrus scouting interns to report their findings.

Zeon Technology Enhances Insecticide's Performance

Endigo ZC insecticide used this encapsulation technology to protect the product’s active ingredient and to improve coverage on a plant’s surface.

The Citrus Scouting Internship Program Helps Launch Ag Careers

A Syngenta internship program has proved to be an important steppingstone for college students and a source of important information for growers.

Agronomists Forecast Regional Pest Challenges

Syngenta experts shed light on the top crop threats facing growers in their areas—and the solutions that will help keep local farms productive.

Syngenta Products Offer Benefits That Generics Don't

At Syngenta, brand names are backed by $1.3 billion in annual research and development and a steadfast dedication to customer service.

Fall 2017

Know the Questions to Ask About Seed Treatments

When it comes to seed treatments, growers need to make sure they are getting the protection they need.

New Digital Team Focuses on Whole-Farm Management and Sustainability

The Digital Agriculture Solutions group will collaborate globally across multiple business areas in an effort to better meet growers’ needs.

Syngenta Is Committed to Protecting Grower Data

Syngenta and its partners develop solutions to help growers better use farm data, while protecting their privacy.

Syngenta Fosters Strong Relationships Through Communication

Syngenta values having an open dialogue with its customers.

Data Can Boost Efficiency and Crop Marketability

Syngenta Sustainable Solutions benchmarks data that help growers demonstrate their progress with environmental stewardship.

Seed Treatments Are Investments Worth Making

High-tech seed treatments and local support are giving growers’ crops a healthier start and more bountiful finish.

Syngenta Is Committed to Protecting Grower Data

Syngenta and its partners develop solutions to help growers better use farm data, while protecting their privacy.

Summer 2017

NK Seeds Offer Global Technology, Local Expertise

Global innovation and local service combine to maximize yields in NK Corn and Soybeans.

Farmer Breaks Yield Ceiling With Golden Harvest Seed

The right Golden Harvest hybrid and agronomic practices can help farmers achieve a more bountiful harvest.

The System for Naming Agrisure Traits and Stack Technology

Syngenta has developed an easy-to-understand system of naming traits and stack technology.

Syngenta Projects Help Growers Achieve Sustainability Goals

Syngenta is undertaking several projects to help farmers improve sustainability and meet the requirements of food companies.

Spring 2017

Syngenta Expands Enzyme Technology Into Feed Market

Enogen Feed corn offers excellent yield potential and may enhance the digestibility of grain for cattle

The Solatenol Story

After fifteen years of research and development, a powerful new active ingredient is now available in four separate product offerings.

Step-by-Step: The Farming Journey

Get set for a new immersive trade-show experience that goes from seed to harvest.

Wise Investments Can Help Produce Better Yields

Crop inputs, such as fungicides, are often a winning proposition, even during a period of low commodity prices.

Ethanol Production Creates a Growing Number of Opportunities

Enogen corn helps farmers become enzyme suppliers to the ethanol industry, which continues to expand and innovate.

A Prescription for Managing Weed Resistance

Growers need a multifaceted approach to prevent and manage the costly challenges posed by weeds.

Growers Power Up With Potent Fungicide

Trivapro fungicide is positioned to become a staple in many growers’ disease-control programs, because it offers powerful, long-lasting protection.

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