Featured This Season

NK Seeds Offer Global Technology, Local Expertise

Global innovation and local service combine to maximize yields in NK Corn and Soybeans.

Farmer Breaks Yield Ceiling With Golden Harvest Seed

The right Golden Harvest hybrid and agronomic practices can help farmers achieve a more bountiful harvest.

The System for Naming Agrisure Traits and Stack Technology

Syngenta has developed an easy-to-understand system of naming traits and stack technology.

Spring 2017

Syngenta Expands Enzyme Technology Into Feed Market

Enogen Feed corn offers excellent yield potential and may enhance the digestibility of grain for cattle

The Solatenol Story

After fifteen years of research and development, a powerful new active ingredient is now available in four separate product offerings.

Step-by-Step: The Farming Journey

Get set for a new immersive trade-show experience that goes from seed to harvest.

Wise Investments Can Help Produce Better Yields

Crop inputs, such as fungicides, are often a winning proposition, even during a period of low commodity prices.

Ethanol Production Creates a Growing Number of Opportunities

Enogen corn helps farmers become enzyme suppliers to the ethanol industry, which continues to expand and innovate.

A Prescription for Managing Weed Resistance

Growers need a multifaceted approach to prevent and manage the costly challenges posed by weeds.

Growers Power Up With Potent Fungicide

Trivapro fungicide is positioned to become a staple in many growers’ disease-control programs, because it offers powerful, long-lasting protection.

Winter 2017

Top-Performing Corn Hybrids and Soybean Varieties in 2016

Despite facing production challenges in 2016, many corn and soybean growers across the Midwest had abundant harvests.

Weed Control Requires an Integrated Approach

Growers need to adopt best weed management practices to preserve valuable technologies.

Syngenta Has a Culture of Collaboration

The agribusiness company believes that partnerships are fundamental for innovation.

The Power of Partnerships

Syngenta sales leaders agree product value, training and partnerships are paramount in 2017.

Preparing for Coming Wave of Ag Professionals

Syngenta has a major initiative to train its internal teams to better meet the needs of millennial resellers and growers.

Millennial Growers Are Increasingly Making Key Farming Decisions

As millennials prepare to become the principal operators on many farms, new research sheds light on their approach to farm management.

Corn Growers Need Multifaceted Plan to Control Weed Resistance

Given the pervasive threat of resistance, corn growers should take a strong, proactive approach when it comes to managing weeds.

Fall 2016

Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Requires Multifaceted Approach

Growers should take proactive measures to manage costly soybean cyst nematodes, which may have developed resistance to soybean varieties commonly used to control them.

CommonGround Initiates Conversations About Food

Organization empowers farmers to tell their stories to consumers.

How Costly Is Soybean Cyst Nematode?

Soybean Cyst Nematode is top pathogen in soybean crop losses.

Initiatives Help Growers Show Sustainable Farming Practices

Syngenta Sustainable Solutions initiatives help growers tell the story of their farms in a meaningful way to downstream companies and consumers.

Voice of Customer Survey Yields Results

The annual Voice of Customer survey helps Syngenta deliver exceptional programs and services to its reseller customers.

Summer 2016

Protecting Traits

Growers who safeguard valuable seed and trait technologies will help them remain effective for the long term.

Seeds Are Key to a Successful Season

Even when commodity prices are low, top-end seeds are often worth the investment.

Whole-Farm Management Program Empowers Retailers, Growers

AgriEdge Excelsior management solutions provide valuable insights to growers.

A Road Well-Planned Boosts Productivity

While adoption of new technologies is expected to quicken, collaborative relationships on the farm will continue to define agriculture.

Enhancing Biodiversity

Enhancing marginal, less productive land can help pollinators and other wildlife flourish.

Drones Provide Bird’s-Eye View

Drones are poised to have a major impact on farm production as a relatively inexpensive way to monitor crops.

Syngenta Offers Diverse Corn Hybrid Portfolio

Syngenta has a wide corn portfolio that gives growers the chance to plant numerous hybrids for risk mitigation.

AgriEdge Excelsior Excels

The Syngenta whole-farm management program combines secure data management, cutting-edge product choices and reliable on-farm service.

Sample Soil for SCN

Managing soybean cyst nematodes effectively requires a proactive strategy.

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