Step by Step

Success in the fields is based on a series of small choices.

Success in any industry usually takes multiple steps in the right direction, not one giant leap. Agriculture is no exception. You make some of your most important decisions sitting at your kitchen table or standing in a field on your farm. It’s this series of choices that collectively impacts how well your crop will yield and if
Ponsi Trivisvavet
Ponsi Trivisvavet
the industry as a whole can feed the world’s 7 billion inhabitants.

As the 2015 planting season approaches, we at Syngenta offer you our enduring partnership and steadfast support. In an environment of lower commodity prices, we understand that return on investment is essential for every input you choose. Built on our purpose of Bringing plant potential to life, our product portfolio has the depth and breadth to address your needs, no matter what the economic backdrop. We are uniquely positioned to help you develop customized, whole-farm solutions with the right mix of our industry-leading genetics, traits, seed treatments and crop-applied chemistries, many of which are featured on this website.

Acuron® herbicide is one example. More than a decade of research and hundreds of field trials show that this technology, which contains a new active ingredient and three modes of action, provides superior control of corn’s most difficult weeds. We’re also making remarkable progress in developing solutions that can improve a plant’s ability to yield when weather-related stresses, such as too much heat or too little rain, occur. Additionally, we’re giving you greater access to tools that will improve your profitability. These step changes in efficiency include Enogen® trait technology, the only genetically modified corn output trait developed specifically for the ethanol industry, and AgriEdge Excelsior®, a program that offers data-rich, integrated strategies for producing higher yields.

"In an environment of lower commodity prices, we understand that return on investment is essential for every input you recommend."

Ponsi Trivisvavet
While most coffee-shop conversations this winter are focused on today’s challenges and opportunities, Syngenta researchers are creating technologies that will address tomorrow’s unmet needs. An infographic on this site will show you the strength of our pipeline filled with powerful advances in plant science, aimed at improving the quality and quantity of future crops while safeguarding our natural resources.

We realize that choosing any Syngenta product is just that: a choice. Before you can confidently select one of our solutions, we must first earn your trust. Products that outperform the competition are key, but so is exceptional service. Your Syngenta and reseller sales representatives will continue to work with you to deliver a package of technologies that will maximize yield and return on investment. After all, we want to help you not just survive, but thrive this season.

About the Author:
Ponsi Trivisvavet (above) brings broad knowledge of the seeds business and commercial experience to her roles as a region director of Syngenta, North America, and president of Syngenta Seeds, Inc. During her six years with Syngenta, she has served as head of the company’s Southeast Asia territory and global head of the corn crop and GM traits unit. Trivisvavet, a Cornell University MBA graduate, shares responsibility for North American region business with Vern Hawkins, region co-director and president of Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC.