Preparing for the Coming Wave of Ag Professionals

Syngenta has a major initiative to train its internal teams to better meet the needs of millennial resellers and growers.

A young farmer talks on his Smartphone while consulting a touchscreen tablet in a Minnesota cornfield.
A young farmer talks on his smartphone, while consulting a touch-screen tablet in a Minnesota cornfield.
Millennials are preparing to become agriculture’s next generation of leaders, and companies like Syngenta are getting ready for the transition.

Companies like @SyngentaUS are preparing for the next big wave of #ag professionals.

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“We’ve been bombarded with requests to help people better understand our millennial customers and coworkers,” says Gil Strader, head of field force excellence and training at Syngenta. “We’ve implemented a major initiative to train our internal teams who interact the most with resellers and growers to build trust, improve service and strengthen partnerships.”

This training includes:

  • Learning. Separating fact from fiction is essential to understanding the unique traits of millennial growers.
  • Listening. Acknowledging millennials’ needs and insights is invaluable. “We want growers to consider Syngenta as a source of the most trusted information that they can apply to their operations,” Strader says.
  • Mentoring. Sharing knowledge helps connect older and younger generations, both within the company and in the field. “It’s fun to take this journey that will ultimately make our people and agriculture better,” Strader says.