Featured This Season

Resistance Fighter Promotes Sustained Herbicide Performance

Since the 1990s, the Resistance Fighter program has been raising awareness of the weed resistance issue and leading the way in fighting measure to combat it.

Fall 2017

Watermelon Breeder Sees Huge Opportunities

A Syngenta watermelon breeder reflects on past accomplishments and looks forward to further innovations.

Force Insecticide Reformulated

Based on growers’ feedback, an improvement to Force liquid insecticide will provide corn rootworm control with added convenience.

Solutions for Sustainability Infographic

Syngenta Sustainable Solutions works directly with growers and food companies to help them share their stories of sustainable farming.

Watermelon Breeding Program Transforms the Market

A dedicated team at Syngenta understands the needs of the watermelon market and delivers winner after delicious winner.

New Research Outlet Takes Unconventional Approach to Ag Challenges

Syngenta establishes a unique research and development outlet to help generate data-driven ag solutions.

Summer 2017

Crop Protection Pipeline Will Deliver Many Innovations

Syngenta researchers are developing targeted, blockbuster technologies for the crop protection pipeline.

New Technology Will Merge Farm-Management Data

A collaborative project promises to remove the language barrier among different data systems on farms.

The Evolution of Agrisure Trait Technology

The Agrisure traits portfolio is the result of a strong commitment by Syngenta to its research and development program.

Double-Haploid Induction Speeds Up Plant-Breeding Process

Syngenta scientists have identified the genetic source of haploid induction, a process that greatly speeds up plant breeding.

Syngenta Research Is the Engine of Innovation

Scientific advances are providing powerful new technologies to help in the quest to feed the world’s growing population.

Data Analytics Can Help Boost Genetic Gain

Syngenta is using data analytics techniques and expertise from other industries to achieve higher yields faster.

The Future of Seed Trait Technology Takes Shape

Innovative research and new technologies are expanding the Agrisure portfolio, providing potent solutions to many production challenges.

Spring 2017

A Look Ahead: Agriculture in 2050

What will agriculture look like at the century’s midpoint? Based on current trends, experts are anticipating some major changes for the ag sector.

Innovation on Display at Syngenta Wheat Summit

The 2017 Syngenta Wheat Summit showcased solutions that are transforming this important cereals crop.

Syngenta Demonstration Sites Showcase Products, Best Practices

Grow More Experience sites offer expert agronomic knowledge tailored to local growing conditions.

Trending 2050: The Future of Farming

Based on current trends, experts predict dramatic changes in agriculture by 2050.

Grow More Experience Site Focuses on Local Solutions

Syngenta demonstration site in Pana, Illinois, helps retailers and growers make informed management decisions.

Winter 2017

The Fight Against the Sudden Death Syndrome Nightmare

Syngenta scientists use advanced analytics to help soybean growers sleep better.

Syngenta Seedcare Institute Focuses on Customer Service

Meeting the needs of customers and seed treaters is the main focus of employees at the North America Seedcare Institute in Stanton, Minnesota.

The New Syngenta Seedcare Institute Shares Best Practices for Treating Seeds

The Seedcare Institute gives visitors the chance to see and experience the latest developments in seed treatment technology.

Root Systems: Out of Sight, But Never Out of Mind

Effects of underground pests can go unnoticed until it’s too late.

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