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Find Your Local Seller or Syngenta Representative

Use the navigation below to locate your nearest Enogen® seller.

Find Your Syngenta Representative

Todd Axtell

Strategic Account Manager

(605) 659-5181

Rick Cabbage

Missouri, Southern Iowa,

Eastern Kansas

(712) 303-7210

Darren Drake

West Kansas, West Nebraska,

Colorado, West Texas,

West Oklahoma, New Mexico

(785) 413-0102

Eric Jarecki

Eastern Nebraska,

Western Iowa

(402) 681-8368

Todd Lunde

Northern Wisconsin,

Eastern Minnesota

(715) 533-2857

Ben Pruss

Southern Minnesota,

South Dakota

(712) 389-2564

Ana Silva

Colorado, Wyoming,

Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona

(785) 706-8678

Torey Byers

Southern Wisconsin,

Northern Illinois,

Eastern Iowa

(608) 445-6987

Wayne Claar

Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas,

Southern Illinois, Mississippi

Alabama, Louisiana

(270) 727-9886

Katie Edmunds

Delaware, Massachusetts,

North Carolina, Pennsylvania,

Virginia, Vermont

(716) 245-1616

Ted Koehler

Enogen Product Lead

(319) 480-2696

Tyler Palm

Northern Minnesota,

North Dakota

(612) 968-8904

Rebekah Shirley

Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina,

South Carolina, West Virginia,


(812) 320-4421