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See the power of our retailer-branded imagery experience firsthand with a 60-day trial.

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Digital Imagery That Works for You

Our retailer-branded imagery solution offers every feature and benefit of FarmShots imagery to both you and your growers while being customizable for your retail brand.

Whether you’re providing the platform to growers for use in their own operation or using it to share your agronomic knowledge as the local expert, our branded imagery experience keeps your relationship with growers front and center. Highlight your recommendations and support, while offering the power of high-end digital imagery and analysis to your customers, with our retailer-branded imagery solution.


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View and Analyze High-Res Images From Anywhere

Help your growers act in season with the ability to pull in images for quick detection of diseases, pests and poor plant nutrition. In addition to our 10-meter resolution satellite imagery, upload high-resolution images from numerous sources, including satellite, aircraft, and drone for scouting and imagery analysis with the branded imagery solution.

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Save Time Scouting with Remote Monitoring

Maximize your field-scouting efforts to save time while improving yield potential and accuracy with the different indicies in the Syngenta imagery platform. Whether it’s identifying standing water or detecting disease and pest outbreaks, timeliness is paramount to protecting your customers’ bottom lines. The Syngenta branded imagery solution enables timely, actionable insights through remote field monitoring and easy in-platform communications.

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See It All with Side-By-Side Field Viewing Capability

Optimize time in the office using multi-field viewing and analysis, while reducing time spent scouting out in the field using our unique side-by-side viewing functionality. Users can compare two images of the same farm or field by selecting two dates for review to develop unique insights, recommendations, prescriptions and plans with easier field comparisons.

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Dig Into Detailed Data Together

Break down field-level data alongside growers with CSV and branded PDF download options for remote monitoring on every acre of the farm with retailer-branded analytics. Analyze the season’s successes and challenges to guide your customers in faster, data-driven decisions for the future.



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For more information on how to a retailer-branded imagery solution can work for you, contact your local Syngenta crop protection representative. To see the Syngenta imagery software in action, visit

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Digital Imagery Puts Retailers and Growers a Step Ahead

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