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Miravis Neo Consistently Outperforms Competitive Brands

Miravis Neo vs. Delaro® 325 SC across 6 trials1

83% of the time Miravis Neo out-yielded Delaro 325 SC
11 bu/A
Average increase over Delaro 325 SC
$49.50 Average revenue over Delaro 325 SC

Miravis Neo vs. Veltyma® across 25 trials2

84% of the time Miravis Neo out-yielded Veltyma
6 bu/A
Average increase over Veltyma
$27.00 Average revenue over Veltyma

With unmistakably superior disease control, Miravis Neo fungicide helps deliver more bushels more often. Packing broad-spectrum control from three separate modes of action, including Adepidyn® technology, Miravis Neo protects corn from key diseases for greener, healthier crops you can see.

With unmistakably superior disease control, Miravis Neo fungicide helps deliver more bushels more often.

The numbers speak for themselves.

The numbers speak for themselves.

The Miravis brand family outyields competitive brands and untreated acres with powerful disease control for cleaner and greener crops. Find out how much potential profit you can gain by using our online revenue calculator.

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Expand Your Margin By the Bushel With a Productivity Mindset

At the start of every year, it can be tempting to take advantage of rebates and bundles to reduce upfront costs. However, that doesn’t always pay. As you consider crop protection options, do yourself a favor and ask: what are my profit objectives and what is it going to take to get there? Miravis Neo delivers lasting protection you’ll notice in cleaner, greener fields, helping you reap more bushels more often.

Remember, better yield is the better deal.

Miravis Neo Offers Unmistakable Plant-Health Benefits in Corn

Increased photosynthetic efficiency ensures maximum grain fill and bigger ears.

Stronger stalks help prevent lodging for improved harvest efficiency.

Improved water-use efficiency helps reduce leaf curling and water loss while promoting drought tolerance.

See the Difference in Boosted Yield and ROI Potential Compared to Untreated

13 bu/A
Average increase over untreated
Trials that were profitable at $4.50 bu/A
Average revenue over untreated

Miravis Neo vs. Untreated Yield Difference

150 on farm grower/strip trials. Application rate and timing: Miravis Neo 13.7 fl. oz/A applied at VT/R1. IA, IL, IN, KS, MN, MO, NE, OH, SD, WI; 2018-2020. Breakeven calculation: Application + product cost = $30/A divided by corn price $4.50/bu = 6.7 bu/A