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A Deeper Look: The Benefits of Integrated Refuge

There are many factors that go into deciding which refuge option is right to recommend to your customers. When making a selection, things like geography, pest pressure, available genetics, price point and cost of convenience must be factored in.

The advantages of selecting an integrated refuge product, sold as E-Z Refuge® seed blend, falls into multiple categories. The first advantage of E-Z Refuge products is protecting yield potential. The E-Z Refuge products offered by GreenLeaf Genetics® offer growers the ability to maximize their yield potential by minimizing the amount of required refuge. Additionally, all of our E-Z Refuge products contain dual modes of action to provide best-in-class insect control.

Another advantage of E-Z Refuge products is convenience. Because E-Z Refuge products contain the refuge seeds in the same bag as the traited seeds, they are convenient and help your customers save time during the planting season. E-Z Refuge products also make it easy to meet stewardship compliance requirements. With our in-bag E-Z Refuge products, growers do not need to calculate the required refuge.

Integrated refuge products aren't for everyone though, particularly in cotton growing geographies where growers are required to plant a separate refuge, regardless of technology. Our Agrisure® portfolio also offers many choices for structured refuge products, allowing your customers in every region to control insects and meet stewardship requirements.

With the robust portfolio of Agrisure technologies offered from GreenLeaf, you can build a portfolio that can meet nearly every grower's need.