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Are you getting the most out of your corn fungicide?

With longest-lasting residual control, Trivapro® fungicide gives you more value and ROI potential.

How many bushels of corn can Trivapro help you save? Use our calculator below to find out.

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Trusted Workhorse

From application to harvest, Trivapro consistently provides the hardest-working, longest-lasting disease control to help boost potential yield and maximize return on investment.

Flexible Disease Control

With higher potency and better performance to shut down disease, Trivapro helps prevent disease from starting and shuts down existing infections, resulting in higher potential yield.

Dependable Plant-health Benefits

Trivapro helps prolong the grain-fill period by preventing crops from dying down early from disease or environmental stressors. It also provides stronger stalks for reduced lodging and increased harvest efficiency.

Learn More About Trivapro

Visit the Trivapro product page to find additional resources like label information, Trivapro videos, performance data, information about how to contact a Syngenta sales representative and more.