Using Pesticides Safely

How-to guides for safe pesticide use

Many factors go into pesticide safety. Understand and practice safe methods of transportation, storage, disposal, and everything in between.

Transporting Pesticides

Understand the importance of safe transportation and how to reduce risks associated with it.

Pesticide Storage

Learn why and how to properly store pesticides.

Pesticide Spills

Every pesticide user should take care to prevent spills from occurring. Learn the proper procedure should a spill accidentally occur.

Personal Protective Equipment

Learn the basics of personal protective equipment (PPE) or brush up on your existing knowledge.

Dress for Success
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Personal Protective Equipment (File Size 721 KB)
Personal Protective Equipment: Spanish
Personal Protective Equipment: Spanish (File Size 705 KB)

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Worker Protection Standard

Keep up to date with EPA’s Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS).

Pesticide Disposal

Understand options available to farmers and commercial applicators for handling and disposing of unwanted pesticides and pesticide-treated seed.

Handling Pesticide Containers

Learn the general principles regarding the proper handling of empty pesticide containers.

Pesticide Record-keeping

Review the requirements and process for keeping pesticide application records, including benefits you may not have considered.